Tuesday, April 28, 1998

Female Employee Counseling Office

Mazda Motor Corporation announced that they will establish a "Female Employee Counseling Office" on May 1, 1998. This effort is intended to advance human rights initiatives as well as to enhance the Company's work environment.

A professionally trained female employee of Mazda will serve a counselor at the Employee Counseling Office formed within the Equality Promotion Group of the Human Resources Development Department. In addition, internal and external phone "Counseling Hotlines" and an e-mail address will be available. All matters will be handled in the strictest of confidence, considering the privacy and dignity of every female employee.

President Miller of Mazda explained, "Sexual harassment in the workplace unjustly injures the dignity of female employees, degrades their work environment, and discourages them from demonstrating capabilities to the fullest degree. Such conduct undermines the dedication of the entire organization to its work, as well as subverts the ability of employees to work together in concerted effort. Sexual harassment, in any form, will absolutely not be tolerated." Therefore, The Female Employee Counseling Office is created to prevent sexual harassment and to address any other worries or concerns expressed by female employees.

"People are a company's most valuable asset. I firmly believe that mutual trust and respect among our employees will contribute greatly to the future development of Mazda," added president Miller.

Since 1980, Mazda has been taking positive steps to provide greater awareness of human rights matters to their employees. To address the issue of sexual harassment as one infringement of human rights, programs were instituted in 1990 to better educate management personnel.

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Wednesday, April 8, 1998

Fuel-cell technology

Mazda Motor Corporation announced today that, through its close relationship with Ford Motor Company, Mazda will participate in the new alliance which was formalized yesterday by Ford, Daimler-Benz AG and Ballard Power Systems. The alliance's goal is to be the world's leading commercial producer of fuel-cell-powered drivetrains and components for cars, trucks and buses.

Mazda has relevant technological expertise in fuel cells, fuel-cell systems and electric drivetrain systems. The company has demonstrated its fuel-cell technology by developing a fuel-cell electric vehicle, the Demio FCEV, which was exhibited at "Eco-Japan '97."

Mazda's partnership in the alliance is a further strengthening of the Company's environmental program dedicated to improving the environment in which we live.

The FCEV (fuel-cell electric vehicle) is considered to be an alternative next-generation electric vehicle, with an on-board electric generator consuming hydrogen as a fuel, unlike conventional electric vehicles which utilize an on-board battery as an energy source.

Mazda also has been studying the application of hydrogen as a fuel source since 1990, as seen in the hydrogen rotary engine and fuel cell. Other actions include development of environment-friendly technologies for reducing CO2 emissions , for alternative-fuel and clean-energy vehicles, and for recycling materials and resources.

Supplemental Information:

Under the agreement, which consists of three parts, Ballard will be responsible for fuel cell with Daimler-Benz and Ford holding 20 percent and 15 percent of Ballard Power Systems Inc., respectively.

Daimler-Benz will have majority ownership of DBB Fuel Cell Engines GmbH, which is responsible for fuel-cell systems, with Ballard holding about 27 percent and Ford 22 percent.

Ford will be the majority owner of a new company responsible for electric drivetrain systems, with Ballard and Daimler-Benz owning 21 percent and 17 percent, respectively.

The total investment in the alliance by the three companies is about Can.$1 billion (U.S.$700 million), consisting of cash, technology and assets.

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