Monday, October 30, 2000

Tribute Product Overview

Mazda Tribute GL-X
1. Driving Performance - "Oneness between car and driver"
Mazda defines "Dynamic DNA" as the driving pleasure to make the driver feel the "oneness between car and driver," using it as a common theme for all Mazda passenger vehicles. While retaining the maneuverability to negotiate bad or unpaved roads, the Tribute attains a high onroad driving performance level with enhanced body structure and suspension, defining a new benchmark for SUV performance. It is the "SUV with a sports car attitude."

Mazda Tribute Classic
- The Tribute employs a highly-stable safety body structure, "Mazda Advanced Impact-Energy Distribution and Absorption System." While striving for a light-weight body, the engineers strengthened portions important to achieve a stable body structure.

- The Tribute is equipped with McPherson strut suspension in front and multi-link suspension in rear to provide excellent handling stability regardless of road conditions. With diagonal roll axes, the suspension has been tuned to ensure precise steering, stable handling and a smooth ride.
- Rack-and-pinion steering with a steering gear ratio of 16.4:1 delivers quick and agile performance
- Large ventilated front disk brakes and high-capacity drum rear brakes attain excellent braking performance. ABS with the "Electronically-controlled Braking force Distribution" (EBD) system makes the braking performance even more responsive.

- The 3.0-liter V-6 DOHC engine is powerful, responsive and flexible. It delivers 90% or more of its maximum torque even at a low of 2,000 rpm. The engine uses regular gas for economy, runs quietly and produces low exhaust emissions.
- Like the 3.0-liter V-6 DOHC engine, the 2.0-liter four-cylinder DOHC engine is also practical, economical and clean-burning.
Engine Engine 3.0-liter V-6 (Type AJ) 2.0-liter four-cylinder (Type YF)
Displacement 2,967 cc 1,988 cc
Maximum output 149 kW (203 ps)/6,000 rpm 95 kW (129 ps)/5,400 rpm
Maximum torque 265 Nm (27.0 kg-m)/4,700 rpm 183 Nm (18.7 kg-m)/4,500 rpm
- The four-wheel-drive model features the Rotary Blade Coupling (RBC) system with electromagnetic lock-up mechanism. Normally, the RBC allocates most driving force to the front wheels. If the front wheels start slipping, the RBC system will automatically allocate necessary driving force to the rear wheels. This unique four-wheel-drive system facilitates driving stability on snowy or icy roads. Additionally, by pressing the button on the instrument panel, the driver can manually activate the electromagnetic lock-up mechanism all-time four-wheel-drive, even while the vehicle is running. This all-time four-wheel-drive mode provides extra stability on packed snow.

2. Spacious interior and cargo space, comfortable seating, excellent visibility and easy ingress/egress
- The overall length of the Tribute is 4,395 mm, almost the same as the Familia sedan. Despite the relatively short overall length, Tribute encompasses a roomy interior with plenty of cargo space, thanks to its long wheelbase, horizontally mounted engine, and short front overhang.
- The length of interior is 1,810 mm. Particularly, the rear compartment boasts plenty of legroom.
- Both front and rear seats recline all the way to become a flat seat. The rear seat splits 60/40, and the seat cushions can be flipped up and removed to provide additional cargo space.
- A length of cargo area is 922 mm. Removing the rear seat cushions and folding the seat backs forward make the cargo area even bigger, generating a maximum cargo volume of 1,820 liters (SAE-V6). Additionally, the compact configuration of the multi-link rear suspension helps reduce the volume of the rear wheelhouses, making it easier to load and unload in the cargo area. The rear lift-gate is hinged at the top and results in a large opening when raised. The rear includes a flip-up glass window that makes loading and unloading small packages easy and convenient.
- The newly designed platform realizes optimal seating, providing occupants with an eye-position higher than sedan-based and lower than truck-based SUVs. The floor is relatively low to the ground, making it easy to step in or out. The seat cushions are mounted high enough to enable occupants to stretch their legs, maintaining a relaxed posture during long trips.
- The Tribute boasts excellent visibility for front and rear passengers, the spare tire is stowed under the floor, so it does not block the rear window, and the rear window is lower than conventional SUVs.

3. Design - Eye-catching exterior styling in cities and in countryside
- The exterior design reflects the Mazda design theme of "contrast in harmony." With its character lines on the hood and compelling flare front and rear fenders, the Tribute stands out in cities and in the countryside.
- The interior is designed to provide sedan-like comfort, while offering excellent functionality and convenience.

4. Easy-to-handle, sedan-like comfort and advanced technology
- Tribute has many storage bins and pockets, including the overhead console and the passenger-side seat under-tray.
- An automatic climate control system is standard equipment for all models. The climate control panel features three easy-to-operate rotary knobs.
- Mazda's original new-concept audio system is upgradeable. Starting with a standard base unit that contains an electronic AM/FM tuner, the user can add components or replace an old unit with a new module in the base unit. An optional CD player or CD changer goes into the upper bay, and an MD player or audio cassette deck goes into the lower bay.
- A CD-ROM car navigation system compatible with the Mazda Telematics Center is available as an option on the GL-X model and the LX model with the G package. By becoming a member of Mazda Telematics and installing a special adapter as a dealer option, the user can enjoy a wide array of Mazda Telematics Center services for no annual fee.* Additionally, the car navigation system is compatible with NTT's i-mode service, which also offers a wide range of online services.**
* Optional adapter unit (including free-hand device) and a mobile phone are required to connect to the Mazda Telematics Center using a compatible car navigation system. Cdma-One and PHS mobile phones are not compatible. Customers are responsible for the connection charges for the phone company and the Internet provider.
** "i-mode" is a registered trademark of NTT DoCoMo, Inc. Mazda Telematics has no connection with NTT DoCoMo Inc.
- To use the "i-mode" services, contracts for "Packet-data transmission" and "i-mode service" are required plus a mobile phone (800MHz) contract.
- To use "i-mode" service on Mazda Telematics car navigation, an adapter unit (combined with a hands-free system) and a car navigation-compatible "i-mode" mobile phone are required.

5. World-class safety
- The Tribute boasts superb passive-safety features, based on Mazda's new standards which are even more stringent than government's standards throughout the world.
- Mazda's extensive collision tests for the Tribute include: fully-wrapped front at 56 km/h, 40% offset front at 64 km/h, side at 55 km/h, oblique and pole at 50 km/h, rear at 55 km/h, etc. Especially, the rear half of the vehicle went through more strict 80 km/h vehicle-to-vehicle collision tests including fully-wrapped rear, 50% offset rear and rear-side. The safety of the Tribute has been achieved though such a variety of tests.
- The Tribute employs the "Mazda Advanced Impact-Energy Distribution and Absorption System" for a high degree of stability and superior safety. This is a post-concept of vehicle body structure to control the energy of impact in the event of a collision.
- Pretensioners and load limiters are standard equipment for the front seatbelts of all models. Winding up slack on the belt more quickly than ever, this pretensioner mechanism is applied to the buckle compartment for the first time in Mazda.
- Front Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) airbags for a driver and a passenger are standard equipment for all models. Mazda's unique SRS side airbags with head protection are optional.
- The ISO-FIX child seat anchors of the rear seats make it easy for the user to install a child seat. The top tether anchors to secure a child seat also can be found in the header portions of the rear seats.

6. Environmentally friendly-3.0-liter V-6 engine model earned an "excellent" rating and 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine model earned a "good" rating in terms of low exhaust emissions
- New catalysts on the 3.0-liter V-6 engine model significantly reduce the exhaust emissions of HC and NOx. Thanks to new catalysts, two installed beneath the exhaust manifolds and one under the floor, the 3.0-liter V-6 model meets the government's requirement for a 50% reduction in 2000, earning an "excellent" rating for low exhaust emissions. The 2.0-liter four-cylinder model meets the government's requirement for a 25% reduction in 2000, earning a "good" rating for the low exhaust emissions.

new Mazda Tribute
-Manufacturer's suggested retail prices (Not including sales tax) (Unit: 1,000 yen)
Engine Drive System Model MSRP
2.0-liter four-cylinder 2WD LX 1,798
4WD 1,998
3.0-liter V-6 2,248
GL-X 2,548

- All models are equipped with cold-weather specifications.
- G package (LX's manufacturer's optional setting): add 163,000 yen. G package includes aluminum wheels, electrically controlled color door mirror, dark tinted glass, keyless entry, and SRS side airbag with head protection.

Sunday, October 29, 2000

Tribute - new class of SUV

Mazda Motor Corporation will start selling the all-new Tribute, a new class of SUV. It is more powerful-and more functional-than a compact sport utility, and it is more maneuverable and more efficient than an intermediate SUV.

Mazda Tribute 4WD 3.0-liter V-6 GL-X
The Tribute SUV features eye-catching styling, a spacious interior and exceptional handling that provides excellent onroad maneuverability, while negotiating bad roads and unpaved terrain.

"Maneuverability in the city is a shortcoming of many SUVs," says Mazda President Mark Fields, "but Tribute's exceptional steering and handling-coupled with its 'command driving position' and superior visibility-will give it an edge over many competitors."

Reflecting Mazda's Dynamic DNA, the Tribute provides great driving pleasure in an SUV with a sports car attitude, epitomizing Mazda's "stylish," "Insightful" and "spirited" brand personality.

SUV with a sports car attitude
Tribute boasts high body rigidity, a newly developed and carefully tuned suspension and a powerful 3.0-liter V-6 engine, resulting in an SUV with outstanding onroad handling performance. Additionally, the Rotary Blade Coupling (RBC) four-wheel-drive system with electromagnetic lock-up mechanism and a relatively high ground clearance level allows the driver to steer the vehicle with ease on bad roads and unpaved terrain.

Spacious interior and cargo space, comfortable seating, excellent visibility and easy ingress/egress
The Tribute is not an outgrowth of an existing sedan or truck model. It is a unique SUV that employs a newly developed SUV platform to optimize all the important elements.
Eye-catching styling
The Tribute combines refined lines, typical to sedans, with the rugged look that you expect in SUVs.
World-class safety
Tribute employs a highly-stable safety body structure, the "Mazda Advanced Impact-Energy Distribution and Absorption System." Isofix-compatible child seat anchors and top tether anchors are standard equipment.

Environmentally friendly
The 3.0-liter V-6 engine model has earned the government's "excellent" rating and the 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine model has earned its "good" rating in terms of low exhaust emissions.

Excellent value
With all these features, the Tribute is priced competitively. The manufacturer's suggested retail price for the LX model equipped with the 3.0-liter V-6 engine and four-wheel-drive transmission is 2,248,000 yen; and the MSRP for the 2.0-liter four-cylinder LX model is 1,798,000 yen.

The target monthly sales figure is 1,500 units in Japan.

* In keeping with the definition of the word "tribute"-an item offered to express thanks or a compliment-the Tribute name reflects Mazda's desire to offer customers the fruits of the company's creativity and technical prowess and to help them enjoy an active lifestyle.

Friday, October 27, 2000

New micromini Laputa S, XG

Mazda Motor Corporation has begun selling the new micromini "Laputa," vehicle, which features design enhancements both in the interior and exterior, such as the redesigned front headlamps and new seat cloth options, at Mazda Autozam dealerships throughout Japan.

Mazda Laputa S, XG
As a compact car, the Laputa is perfect for day-to-day use. It is easy to park and to maneuver in traffic, convenient in town and reliable in the countryside, and provides a smooth and comfortable ride.

In order to represent Mazda's brand personality, all models of the new Laputa boast a new front exterior design, Mazda's distinctive family appearance which includes the brand symbol and a five-point grille. With a new five-door body configuration, the S and SF models feature aerodynamic exterior parts to enhance the sporty and dashing image, while the XG and XE models deliver a cheerful and intimate image. Additionally, the two-wheel-drive XE model features a new all-aluminum DOHC VVT engine with excellent fuel economy.

The monthly sales target in Japan is 500 units.

Primary features of the New Laputa
Changes to all models
- Mazda's distinctive family appearance, the brand symbol and a five-point grille
- Redesigned large multi-reflector headlamps

Cheerful, intimate XG and XE
- Newly designed front bumper that matches the new grille
- Air scoop on the hood available on the turbo-engine models (except for the two-wheel-drive XE model)
- 14-inch tires (165/70R14) and fully-covered wheel caps (the two-wheel-drive XE model is equipped with13-inch tires and fully-covered wheel caps)
- Quality and chic interior color patterns combined with the blue color of the large speed meter
- Passenger-side under-seat tray, CD player, and electrically retractable side mirrors, which match the outer panel color, with remote control (XG model)
- All-aluminum DOHC VVT engine with excellent fuel economy (two-wheel-drive XE model). The fuel economy rate is 22.5 km/liter in the 10·15 mode for the five-speed manual transmission model
- Outer panel colors including Silky Silver Metallic, Bluish Black Pearl and Misty Green Metallic (new)

Sporty, dashing S and SF
- Custom-lowered suspension which results in a minimum ground clearance of 15 mm, lower than the XG and XE models, to give a sporty look
- New designed bumper to add a sporty air to the front exterior
- Multi-reflector halogen fog lamps
- Front, rear, and side under-spoilers and a roof-end spoiler with a built-in brake lamp
- 15-inch tires (165/60R15) and customized aluminum wheels
- Black-based interior color patterns combined with the silver color of the sporty instrument panel meters
- Dark tinted glasses for the rear side door windows, rear quarter windows and back door window and a genuine leather-wrapped steering wheel (S model)
- Outer panel colors including Pearl White, Silky Silver Metallic, Bluish Black Pearl and Cool Beige Metallic (new)
Manufacturer's suggested retail prices (not including sales tax) (Unit: 1,000 yen)
of doors
Drive system Engine Model Transmission Nationwide price
4AT 973
SOHC Turbo XG 5MT 993
4AT 1,068
SF 4AT 1,198
DOHC Turbo S 4AT 1,278
4WD SOHC Turbo XE 4AT 1,110
XG 5MT 1,100
4AT 1,175
SF 4AT 1,305
DOHC Turbo S 4AT 1,385

- Add 20,000 yen for the Pearl White outer panel color.
- All models are wintry-weather equipped.

Wednesday, October 25, 2000

Titan Dash DX

Titan Dash Product Overview

Mazda Titan Dash DX 2000
Titan Dash DX, 2000 Gasoline,1.5-ton Load Capacity, Wide-low, Standard Cabin, Long Bed.

1.Cube-shaped Large cabin: Stylish exterior appearance
- Titan Dash employs a cube-shaped cabin compartment, the same as the latest Titan series. This unique cabin configuration reflects the efforts of Mazda engineers to deliver maximum cabin space within the 1.5-ton cargo-hauling capacity truck class. The cabin has the most spacious headroom in its class.
- The front portion of the stylish exterior features the distinctive Mazda brand symbol and five-point grille. The multi-reflector headlights with built-in fog lamps and large plastic bumpers enhance the truck's appearance.
- The instrument panel with a flat top offers a feeling of more space inside.

2. Comfortable cabin environment: Easy access, ample storage space and more equipment for comfortable ride and convenience
- The large side doors provide a wide opening and make ingress or egress easier. Additionally, accessories, such as large assist grips installed on the front pillars, large lattice-style side steps, and hand steps on the wheel arches are installed for the same purpose.
- The seats include flat cushions for easy access. The seat backs and cushions are made of highly elastic urethane to absorb road vibration for a comfortable ride.
- To realize an optimal position of the steering wheel, the vertical tilt and horizontal telescoping adjusters are installed. Additionally, the sliding range of the driver's seat has been extended for easy driving posture.
- The switches on the instrument panel are large and easy to use and enables the driver to keep one's eyes on the road.
- There is plenty of storage space in the cabin. In the center of the instrument panel are two cup holders and a storage compartment, wide enough to hold A4-size documents. The back of the passenger seat (except for the double-cab model) and center seat, respectively, include a tray that the driver can use when folding the seats forward. Behind the seats is another storage bin large enough to accommodate a 1.5-liter plastic bottle or a regular tissue box. On the back panel is a coat hook.
- Additional equipment includes an easy-to-use air conditioner, a driver's side footrest and an electrically controlled outer mirror on the passenger's side to enhance ride comfort.

3. Wide range of model choices: A two-wheel-drive or four-wheel-drive model and a standard or double-cab model and three types of cargo boxes
- Three types of cargo box interior are available: all wood, combination of wood (floor) and steel (gate) and all steel. The all wood cargo box is 3,120 mm long, 1,620 mm wide, and 380 mm high, available to the two-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive long-body models and the two-wheel-drive double-cab long-body model.
- The cargo box is equipped with retractable load rests including stoppers and deck steps to make access to the cargo easier. The outer surface of the gate has a neat flat appearance and easy to paint or place lettering, drawing or seals.
- The double-cab model features a roomy rear compartment. Since there is plenty of space in the rear, passengers can sit comfortably even during long trips. This rear compartment includes plenty of legroom and large assist grips and side steps to make access easier. Additionally, the rear seat cushion folds to create a 670 mm-long storage space behind the front seats. A 2.0-liter gasoline engine is available on the two-wheel-drive models and a 2.5-liter diesel engine is available on both two-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive models.
- A wide variety of drivetrain and engine combinations are available out of a gasoline engine, an LPG engine an electronically controlled four-speed automatic transmission with OD switch, etc.

4. High level of safety: Large field of view and enhanced safety equipment
- A large windshield and oversized side safety windows provide a large field of view for front and sides. All models are equipped with dual curved side mirrors for an expanded view of the rear of the vehicle.
- Windshield wipers with built-in washer nozzles are standard equipment for all models. Additionally, water-resistant side mirrors and side door windows for improved visibility on rainy days are available.
- The front doors of all models are fitted with side impact beams as standard equipment to increase body rigidity in case of collision.
- All models feature impact-absorbing steering and shift columns to lessen physical impact on the driver's chest and abdomen in the event of frontal collision.
- A driver-side SRS* airbag system is standard equipment for the two-wheel-drive standard cabin Custom models and is optional for the Deluxe model. A passenger-side SRS airbag system is available as an option on the Custom model.
* SRS: Supplemental Restraint System

5. Reliable driving performance: variety of engines and excellent handling stability
- The powerful 2.0-liter gasoline engine (FE-E) shows excellent responsiveness in the normal driving rpm and the 2.5-liter diesel engine (WL) offers both power and economy, and the eco-friendly LPG engine (FE-C) is available.
Displacement 2.0-liter/gasoline 2.5-liter/diesel 2.0-liter/LPG
Max. Output [kW (PS)/r.p.m.] 74(100)/5,000 65(88)/4,000 59(80)/5,000
Max. Torque [Nm (kg-m)/r.p.m.] 155(15.8)/2,500 169(17.2)/1,700 147(15.0)/2,500

- Front wishbone suspension and rear leaf-spring suspension provide excellent handling stability and ride comfort.
- A minimum turning ratio of 4.6 meters shows its excellent maneuverability in traffic and parking lots.(Two-wheel-drive standard body model)
- The four-wheel-drive model employs a changeable driving system between two-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive for driving versatility.

Manufacturer's suggested retail prices (not including sales tax)
(Unit: thousand yen)
Cabin Drive Engine Bed Load
Type Trans-
Osaka Nagoya Sapporo Sendai Yama-
Standard 2WD 2000
Standard 1.35-ton Single-
5MT 1,498 1,508 1,503 1,573 1,524 1,513 1,538
Long 1.5-ton Wide-low 5MT 1,638 1,648 1,643 1,713 1,664 1,653 1,678
Long 1.5-ton Wide-low 4EC-AT 1,753 1,763 1,758 1,828 1,779 1,768 1,793
Long 1.5-ton Wide-low 5MT 1,907 1,917 1,912 1,982 1,933 1,922 1,947
Long 1.35-ton Wide-low 5MT 1,721 1,731 1,726 1,814 1,765 1,736 1,761
Long 1.5-ton Wide-low 5MT 1,794 1,804 1,799 1,887 1,838 1,809 1,834
4WD 2500
Long 1.5-ton Wide-low 5MT 2,148 2,158 2,153 2,218 2,169 2,163 2,188
Double 2WD 2000
Standard 1.0-ton wide-low 5MT 1,736 1,746 1,741 1,811 1,762 1,751 1,776
Long 1.25-ton Wide-low 5MT 1,976 1,986 1,981 2,069 2,020 1,991 2,016
4WD 2500
Long 1.15-ton Wide-low 5MT 2,360 2,370 2,365 2,430 2,381 2,375 2,400

*Note: The wintry-weather-equipped two-wheel-drive models are 5,000 yen more expensive for the gasoline engine and 23,000 yen more expensive for the diesel engine.
All units sold in Sapporo and Sendai are wintry-weather-equipped.
All four-wheel-drive models are wintry-weather-equipped.

Titan Dash compact Truck

Mazda Motor Corporation has started selling the Titan Dash, a 1.5-ton compact truck* at all Mazda and selected Mazda Anfini dealerships throughout Japan.

Mazda Titan Dash compact Truck
The Titan Dash boasts a spacious and comfortable cabin, the same cabin as the one-class higher Titan model. This large cabin provides easy access and excellent usability. With the 1.0- to 1.5-ton cargo-hauling capacity and a high level of safety, Titan Dash offers customers "superior functionality."

Primary features of Titan Dash are:
1. Cube-shaped large cabin: Stylish exterior appearance
2. Comfortable cabin environment: Easy access, ample storage space and more equipment for comfortable ride and convenience
3. Wide range of model choices: Available as a two-wheel-drive or four-wheel-drive model, a standard or double-cab model and three types of cargo boxes
4. High level of safety: Large field of view and enhanced safety equipment
5. Reliable driving performance: Variety of engines and excellent handling stability

The monthly sales target in Japan is 500 units.

Originally, the Titan series was highly acclaimed for "excellent basic functionality" and "toughness (stable body structure and large cargo capacity)." The latest Titan model, released in June of this year, provides even better value for customers, becoming "your best business partner." The release of the Titan Dash gives the entire series more depth and emphasizes Mazda's commitment to the commercial vehicle market .

* Titan Dash falls in the class with 1.0-1.5 cargo-hauling capacity.

Wednesday, October 18, 2000

New Familia S-Wagon Sport20

New Familia S-Wagon Sport20
1.Sportier and sharper front design and four interior design options
Familiar offers sportier and sharper look consistent with Mazda's "contrast in harmony" design theme.
- An emphasized five-point grill and larger brand symbol deliver a more distinctive Mazda family appearance.
- The front of the S-Wagon and Sedan employ a sporty bumper with a three-dimensional appearance and newly designed multi-reflector headlamps. The new front fenders and hood also convey a sportier look.
- S-Wagon Sport 20 employs multi-reflector headlamps in which four types of lamps are incorporated and large aerodynamic bumper and a sporty grill for a spirited appearance.
- Four interior design options are available:
"Aggressive" (S-Wagon Sport 20): Titanium and black two-toned interior and a Nardi genuine leather-wrapped steering wheel
"Sporty" (S-Wagon RS and Sedan RS): Titanium center panel and white meters in the black-based interior
"Casual" (S-Wagon S-f/S-4 and Sedan JS/ES): Black and gray two-toned interior
"Elegant" (Sedan LS): Beige and brown two-toned interior
2.Driving pleasure: oneness between car and driver
With improvements to the body structure, suspension and steering mechanism, the new Familia features excellent handling stability and comfortable ride: thus, increasing driving pleasure.
Other enhancements:
- Using a strengthened center pillar filled with resin foam plastic, the new Familia boasts a more stable body structure without increasing its overall weight.
- By reinforcing the front and rear connected parts of the suspension and revising stabilizers and dampers, the Familia gains improved steering response and corner-handling stability, as well as composed and confident ride.
- The steering wheel becomes lighter to rotate by 10% in the new Familia than in the previous model. By reducing friction on the gears of the power-assisted steering and enhancing stability in the connected areas of the steering shaft, the driver can gain accurate and crisp handling response during sport driving.
- Revised seat configurations to enhance vibration-absorption and improve ride comfort.
- Added disc brakes and enlarged master cylinders in rear to enhance the braking performance of the S-Wagon RS with the S-Package model and the Sedan RS model.
- S-Wagon RS and Sedan RS employ the sporty 1500 DOHC engine with the Sequential Valve Timing (S-VT) mechanism, which optimizes intake valve timings for sporty performance, and the "Activematic" automatic transmission with the manual shifting mode that provides fun to drive with a sport attitude.
3.Improved safety
Active Safety
- Along with the existing four-wheel-ABS and EBD (Electronic Brake force Distribution) system, Mazda engineers added a brake assist mechanism to all Familia models as standard equipment. This mechanism increases the braking force even with lightly pressing on the brake pedal and supplements it when the brakes are applied suddenly.
- Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) helps maintain handling stability if the vehicle starts to skid to the side during cornering on slippery roads. DSC is available to the S-Wagon Sport 20 (FF) model as optional equipment.
Passive Safety
- The lock-up mechanism for an ISO-FIX child seat is standard equipment for all models. This reduces risks of injury caused by incorrect installation. Also standard for all models is a top tether to fix the upper part of the seat to prevent the child seat from tumbling forward in the event of collision.
- For the first time, the ISO-FIX top-tether-built-in child seat that incorporates an L-shape pivot link mechanism will be available as an dealer option in Janurary 2001. This new type of seat prevents the head of the child from moving forward excessively in the event of front collision.
- In addition to the existing load limiter, a pretensioner mechanism is incorporated in the seatbelt.
4.Environmentally-friendly features
- The 1500 DOHC engine for the S-Wagon S-f model and the Sedan LS model has earned an "excellent" in terms of low exhaust emissions (Authorized by the Ministry of Transport: E-LEV/50% reduction level of 2000 emission control), reducing the exhaust emissions of HC, Nox and CO.
- Anticorrosive steel plates, which met the requirements of the applicable 2003 European regulations, are adopted.
* The automobile acquisition tax will be deducted under the preferred tax system for low-pollution vehicles.
5.Car navigation system compatible to "Mazda Telematics"
- A CD-ROM car navigation system, available as an option, enables users to access the "Mazda Telematics" services through the Internet and i-mode. A VICS-FM multiplexer and DGPS are standard equipment.
6.Improved usability and amenity for equipment
- A new-concept audio system is easily upgradeable.
- A new console includes two cup holders with lids.
- A fully automatic air conditioner system with aldehyde air filters is standard equipment for certain models: otherwise, optional.
- Fully-reclinable seats are available to the FF S-Wagon model.

Manufacturer's suggested retail prices(not including sales tax).
S-Wagon (Unit: thousands yen)
Drive Grade Engine Transmission Tokyo/Nagoya/
Sapporo Sendai/
FF S-f 1500 DOHC 5MT 1,373 1,423 1,393
4EC-AT 1,448 1,498 1,468
RS 1500 DOHC
5MT 1,473 1,523 1,493
Activematic 1,558 1,608 1,578
Sport20 2000 DOHC Activematic 1,978 2,028 1,998
4WD S-4 1500 DOHC 5MT 1,603 1,653 1,623
4EC-AT 1,678 1,728 1,698
Sport20 2000 DOHC 5MT 2,103 2,153 2,123
4EC-AT 2,178 2,228 2,198
Drive Grade Engine Transmission Tokyo/Nagoya/
Sapporo Sendai/
FF ES 1300 SOHC 5MT 1,013 1,063 1,033 1,023
4EC-AT 1,088 1,138 1,108 1,098
JS 5MT 1,223 1,273 1,243 1,233
4EC-AT 1,298 1,348 1,318 1,308
LS 1500 DOHC 5MT 1,323 1,373 1,343 1,333
4EC-AT 1,398 1,448 1,418 1,408
RS 1500 DOHC
Activematic 1,598 1,648 1,618 1,608
4WD LS 1500 DOHC 5MT 1,593 1,643 1,613 1,603
4EC-AT 1,668 1,718 1,688 1,678

Familia S-Wagon, Sedan

The new Mazda Familia S-Wagon and Sedan, featuring sportier and sharper front exterior design, enhanced handling performance and ride comfort, are now available at Mazda and Mazda Anfini and Mazda Autozam dealerships throughout Japan.

Mazda Familia S-Wagon, Sedan
Familia also offers improved safety and environment features. With all these enhancements, the new Familia embodies Mazda's brand personality, "stylish," "insightful," and "spirited." Its monthly sales target figure in Japan is 2,500 units.

Primary features of the new Familia are the following:
1. Sportier and sharper front design and four interior design options (depending on the grade)
2. Excellent handling stability and ride comfort that have been attained by a more stable body structure and revised suspension
3. ISO-FIX child seat* lock-up mechanism with a top tether as standard equipment
4. Environment-friendly model: the 1.5-liter engine S-f and LS (FF) models have earned an "excellent" rating in terms of low exhaust emissions (E-LEV)
5. Optional Mazda Telematics car navigation system** which can access the Internet and i-mode*** services
6. Enhanced center console and a new-concept audio system

The Familia has received a warm reception from customers in more than 120 countries. Since introduced to the Japanese market in 1963, the Familia has been Mazda's pillar model; its cumulative domestic production volume surpassed 10 million in 1995.
* ISO-FIX is a universal fixing method for a child seat, which meets the requirements stipulated by ISO (International Organization for Standardization).
** "i-mode" is a registered trademark of NTT DoCoMo, Inc.
- This product has no relation to NTT DoCoMo, Inc.
- To access the "i-mode" services, the user needs to contract for "Packet-data transmission" and "i-mode service," along with the mobile phone (800MHz) contract.
- To use "i-mode" services on the Mazda Telematics car navigation system, an adapter unit (combined with a hands-free system) and a car navigation-compatible "i-mode" mobile phone are required.
*** To access Mazda Telematics Center using the compatible car navigation system, the dealer-optional adapter unit (equipped with hands-free system) and digital mobile phone (neither cdma-One nor PHS is compatible with the services) are required. The charge for the telephone calls and provider fee should be paid by the customer.

RX-7 Type RZ features

The limited edition Type RZ is based on the top-performance version of the RX-7, the Type RS, and is equipped with a number of sporty custom accessories.

Mazda RX-7 Type RZ
It is approximately 10 kg lighter than the Type RS, resulting in a power-weight ratio of 6.17 kg/kW (4.54 kg/PS).

Mazda RX-7 RZ model
Features include the following:
  • Red custom full-bucket seats manufactured by Recaro
  • Custom "gun metallic" colored aluminum wheels manufactured by BBS
  • Custom dampers manufactured by Bilstein
  • Custom red stitched steering wheel manufactured by Nardi
  • Custom red stitched leather shift knob, stick shift boot, and parking brake lever boot
  • Driver's side kneepad
  • Passenger side aluminum footrest board
  • Rear storage box
  • Custom body color: snow white pearl mica

Main Product Enhancements
Improved Braking Performance
- The ABS control unit for all four wheels has been upgraded from the conventional 8 to 16 bits and equipped with an EBD (electrically controlled braking distribution) system. This results in shorter stopping distances when the brakes are applied suddenly and enhanced vehicle stability.
Enhanced Ride and Maneuverability
- The damping force of the suspension dampers has been changed (Type RB and Type RS) and a check value has been added to the power steering system for improved handling.
Improved Safety
- The conventional side impact bars have been reinforced with the addition of lower side impact bars positioned in the bottom portion of the doors. Also, manual transmission models have been equipped with a clutch interlock mechanism that prevents the engine from starting unless the clutch is depressed.
Sportier Interior
- The gauges on the instrument panel feature white text and metal plated frame rings. In addition, the gauges, climate control system, and audio system panel have red illumination for a more sporty look.
- The center portion of the seats is covered with a knit rubber fabric for a snugger fit and a sporty feel. (Type RB S-package, Type RB automatic transmission model, Type RS)
New Concept in Audio Systems
- With Mazda's new concept in audio systems, a variety of module type audio kits are available, making it simple to add additional functions, such as a CD or MD player, or replace an existing function with a new one. The system is exclusive to Mazda and is designed to be expandable, so it will be ready for the next generation in media when it arrives.
New Body Color Options
- The following body colors are available: innocent blue mica, vintage red, pure white (new), brilliant black, sunlight silver metallic (new).

Pricing of New RX-7 and Limited Edition RX-7 Type RZ
(Unit: 1,000 yen)
Model Engine Max. output Transmission Price
Type RB 13B-REW
(sequential twin-turbo rotary engine)
195kW[265PS] 5MT 2,948
188kW[255PS] 4EC-AT 3,148
Type RB S-package 195kW[265PS] 5MT 3,158
Type R 206kW[280PS] 5MT 3,548
Type RS 5MT 3,848
Type RZ (limited edition) 5MT 3,998

RX-7 RZ Limited Edition

Mazda Motor Corporation announces the release of the RX-7 Type RZ, a performance-enhanced limited edition version of the RX-7, Mazda's rotary engine-powered sports car, as well as enhancements to the other models in the RX-7 lineup. The new RX-7 models, including the limited edition Type RZ, go on sale today at Mazda Anfini dealerships throughout Japan.

Mazda RX-7 RZ Limited Edition
The limited edition RX-7 Type RZ is equipped with red custom full-bucket seats manufactured by Recaro, a custom suspension system manufactured by Bilstein, and custom aluminum wheels manufactured by BBS. These and other enhancements reduce the overall weight of the Type RZ by approximately 10kg, improving handling and performance. The Type RZ has a custom body color-snow white pearl mica. Only 175 units of this limited edition model will be sold.

The improvements to the new RX-7 lineup, in general, include modifications to the brake and suspension systems to enhance driving performance and handling stability. The interior features an instrument panel with white meters, metal plated frame rings, and red illumination for a more sporty look. The reinforced side impact bars and ABS equipped with an EBD (electrically-controlled braking distribution) system for all four wheels enhance safety.

The new RX-7 expresses Mazda's stylish, insightful and spirited brand personality. Its distinctiveness is the result of a design process emphasizing three key ideas: distinctive design, exceptional functionality, and responsive handling and performance. By exploiting the strengths of the lightweight, compact, and high-output rotary engine, RX-7 achieves an exceptional level of "responsive handling and performance." The RX-7 is the sports car that best symbolizes Mazda.

The monthly sales target is 300 units.

Familia S-Wagon Briza

2-wheel-drive, 1500cc DOHC, 5-speed manual transmission/4EC automatic transmission

Mazda Familia

Changes to the original model:
Exterior - Rear roof spoiler
- Side protective molding matching exterior paint color
- Front fog lamps
- Dark-tinted windows (rear door, rear quarter and rear gate )
- Custom side decals
- 185/65R14 tires and 14-inch aluminum wheels
- Keyless entry system
Exterior colors: Highlight Silver Metallic, Pure White, Innocent Blue Mica
Sales limit: 2,400 units
Availability: Mazda, Mazda Anfini, and Mazda Autozam dealerships throughout Japan

Tuesday, October 17, 2000

New SUV, Tribute Production

Mazda Motor Corporation has begun production of the right-hand-drive Tribute, its new sports utility vehicle (SUV), in Japan. A ceremony to mark the line-off of the new model was held today at its Hofu Plant, attended by President Mark Fields and approximately 200 Mazda people. Mazda plans to produce 40,000 units* of Tribute annually at its newer facility, Plant II, in Hofu. (*includes Ford cars)

Mazda New SUV, Tribute
"Tribute is not only the first model jointly developed by Mazda and Ford based on the strategy of using a common architecture, but also the vehicle to lead Mazda into the coming century. From planning to manufacturing, I believe both companies learned a great deal from each other, and the success of this model in the market will give us even more knowledge as to how we can work together," Fields said. " This model will offer customers pleasurable driving with many new ideas that stir their emotions. Our gratitude to our customers is embodied in the Tribute, as its name indicates," he added.

William Clay Ford, Jr., chairman of Ford Motor Company, and great-grandson of the company's founder, sent a congratulatory message to Mazda employees. "Mazda and Ford have entered a new age of partnership with unprecedented sharing of expertise and technology and expanded production of vehicles at each other's plants. Mazda Tribute and Ford Escape are wonderful examples of how our companies will share vehicle architecture, while maintaining the unique brand image of our vehicles."

New SUV, Mazda Tribute
The Tribute has a distinctive, sophisticated style that attracts attention in the city and the countryside. It has a spacious interior with efficient packaging and superb driving performance with a powerful 3.0-liter V-6 or brisk 2.0-liter in-line four-cylinder engine. These features combine to represent the Mazda brand personality of being "stylish," "insightful" and "spirited."

The name Tribute, meaning "something to give praise or thanks to show respect or admiration," carries Mazda's message that the vehicle, in creativity and engineering, serves as a tribute to the customers who drive it, and to their style and spirit. To enhance brand identity and consistency, Mazda will use Tribute as the vehicle's name in every market around the world, as was done with Premacy and MPV.

Mazda Tribute
The production of the left-hand-drive Tribute began in June at the Kansas City assembly plant, with sales in North America beginning in August. Its sophisticated style, packaging and driving performance have gained popularity with customers, and it has been enjoying even higher than projected sales. Cumulative sales as of the end of September reached 7,015 units. Details of the Mazda Tribute and its release date in the Japanese market will be announced on Tuesday, October 30.

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Monday, October 16, 2000

The 34th Tokyo Motor Sho Vehicles

-CNG-powered Titan (to be mass-produced)
The CNG-powered Titan has a 4.0-liter natural gas engine-based on the 4.0-liter diesel engine-and incorporates the cargo area of the 2.0-ton cargo capacity model. Carrying a fuel canister to contain natural gas compressed to 20 MPa, this Titan model uses a regulator to gradually depressurize natural gas and supply it to the engine. Thanks to CNG, it does not emit black smoke at all. Besides, an onboard computer maintains an optimal vaporized fuel ratio and the special catalyst dramatically reduces the HC and NOx exhaust emissions. The two steel fuel canisters installed on the sides of the chassis frame can store 45.5 cubic meters of fuel; fully loaded with CNG, this Titan model can go up to 290 km in urban areas. The maximum power of engine is 81 kW (110 PS), almost the same as that of the original diesel engine model. The maximum torque is 300Nm (30.6 kg-m), which optimizes power and quietness.

mazda Titan van
Primary specifications (4.0-liter engine, 2.0-ton cargo capacity, full-wide-low standard cabin, high roof and deluxe equipment.)
Overall dimensions(L x W x H) 4,650mm x 1,810mm x 2,520mm
Cargo area dimensions (L x W x H) 2,930mm x 1,700mm x 1,670mm
Overall weight 2,830kg
Maximum cargo capacity 2,000kg
Cabin capacity (passenger) 3
Engine Displacement 4,021cc
Maximum power 81kW (110PS)/3,250 r.p.m.
Maximum torque 300Nm (30.6kg-m)/1,250 r.p.m.
Fuel supply system CNG mixer
Fuel tank capacity 227liters (113.5liters x 2)
[Gas capacity: 45.4 cubic meters]
Running distance per fuel load About 290km

-LPG-powered Titan garbage truck with deodorizer (prototype)

mazda Titan truck
The LPG-powered Titan garbage truck is based on the LPG engine model with 2.0-ton cargo capacity. Thanks to LPG, this special Titan model does not emit black smoke at all. Besides, an onboard computer maintains an optimal vaporized fuel ratio and the special catalyst dramatically reduces the HC and NOx exhaust emissions. Using liquid petroleum gas as fuel results in a maximum power of 88kW (120PS) and a maximum torque of 307Nm (31.3kg-m). Additionally, this model incorporates a specially designed tank with a metal phthalocyanine fluid to reduce unpleasant garbage odors. The deodorant system periodically sprinkles the fluid into the garbage compartment.

Primary specifications (4.0-liter engine, 2.0-ton cargo capacity, full-wide-low standard cabin, high roof and deluxe equipment.)

Overall dimensions (L x W x H) 5,285mm x 1,835mm x 2,315mm
Cargo area dimensions (L x W x H) 2,255mm x 1,715mm x 1,320mm
Overall weight 4,035kg
Maximum cargo capacity 2,000kg
Cabin capacity (passenger) 3
Engine Displacement 4,021cc
Maximum power 88kW (120PS)/3,250 r.p.m.
Maximum torque 307Nm (31.3kg-m)/1,250 r.p.m.
Fuel supply system LPG mixer
Fuel tank capacity 146 liters
Running distance per fuel load About 370km

-Wheelchair-loadable Premacy i (to be mass-produced)

mazda Premacy station wagon
Based on the original Premacy station wagon, Premacy i can accommodate a passenger in a wheelchair. With an extremely low floor, the rear portion includes a ramp to allow a wheelchair passenger to enter or exit the vehicle without getting out of the wheelchair. With a wheelchair aboard, Premacy i can accommodate up to five passengers (including a wheelchair passenger). Without a wheelchair, the vehicle can accommodate a third row for six-passenger seating. Premacy i provides an insightful package that is comfortable and convenient for a passenger in a wheelchair and for those assisting.

-Mobile coffee shop Titan (prototype)

Based on the new Titan model, the mobile coffee shop Titan model features a large left-side door and a large rear door, both hinged at the top. The mobile coffee shop can hold up to three passengers. The model can be used to provide coffee and refreshments at events or can function as a mobile showroom to display a wide array of products.

List of primary display models

Titan To be mass-produced CNG-powered Titan van
Prototype LPG-powered Titan garbage truck with deodrizer
Titan concept vehicle
(mobile coffee shop model)
Already marketed Titan truck
Titan freezer truck
Titan dump truck
Other models already marketed
Bongo Already marketed Bongo van
Bongo truck
Bongo Brawny van
Other models already marketed
Disabled-accessible vehicles To be mass-produced Wheelchair-loadable Premacy i
Already marketed Wheelchair-loadable Demio-I
Commercial vans Already marketed Familia van
Scrum van
Scrum truck

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Premacy i at 34th Tokyo Motor Show

Mazda Motor Corporation will showcase the environmentally friendly compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquid petroleum gas (LPG) Titan models and the wheelchair-loadable Premacy i Tuesday, October 31 through Saturday, November 4 at the 34th Tokyo Motor Show,* Makuhari Messe convention center, Chiba Prefecture. Mazda's show concept is "New Ideas that Stir Your Emotions."

mazda Premacy i
Employing CNG or LPG as fuel, the Titan models emit little NOx (nitrogen oxide). The company will display a CNG-powered van model and an LPG-powered garbage truck model, which also features a deodorizing device. All Titan models incorporate a variety of original ideas designed to provide optimal cabin environments for the driver.

Premacy i accommodates a retractable ramp at the rear, which allows a passenger in a wheelchair to enter or exit the vehicle without getting out of the wheelchair. This body configuration also helps other passengers assist the passenger in a wheelchair.

The Mazda display also will feature a mobile coffee shop van, based on the new Titan model, with a large door on the left side and another opening in the upper portion of the rear.

Mazda's commercial vehicle lineup satisfies a wide range of business needs. These vehicles include the Titan, designed to provide a comfortable driving environment; the Bongo, acclaimed for its large cargo volume and easy handling; the Familia van and the Scrum Series van; and the wheelchair-loadable Demio-i. Mazda's goal is to deliver "New Ideas that Stir Your Emotions" and thus good service on and off duty.

* The 34th Tokyo Motor Show is an exclusive commercial vehicle show; next year, the show will be dedicated only to passenger vehicles and motorcycles. Mazda's press briefing is scheduled for 10:30 -10:45 a.m. on Tuesday, October 31 at the Mazda booth in the Central Hall.

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