Wednesday, October 15, 1997

Advanced Technologies

Demio EV (to be displayed separately at the EV Association Booth)
With "Commuter in Mind" as a development concept and using the mass-produced Demio presently available on the markets as standard, Mazda has produced the Demio EV (Electric Vehicle). It is mounted with a highly efficient AC synchronized motor, while incorporating the hybrid power source system that combines a newly developed ultra- capacitor and nickel hydrogen cells. As a result, the Demio EV shows superb driving performance as a commuter.

Fuel cell system
Fuel cells generate electrical energy through a chemical reaction with oxygen. Mazda's system eliminates the moisture supplied to the fuel cell along with the oxygen (gas), thanks to the slimming down of the high-polymer membranes. Due to this advance in technology, the oxygen humidifier which previously took up about 15% of the total volume is no longer required, bringing the use of fuel cell stacks in cars closer to reality.

Direct injection gasoline engine with stratified charge
The displacement of the direct injection gasoline engine with stratified charge is 1,991 cc and it features a four-cylinder DOHC 16-valve layout. Through the use of innovations such as the lean-burn engine's cylinder internal flow control mechanism, stable stratified combustion has been realized over a wide range of driving conditions. This produces substantial improvements in fuel economy not only at normal cruising speeds but at high speeds as well. The result is an improvement in the Japanese 10•15 mode fuel economy by more than 30% and a 10% increase in maximum output, compared with conventional engines. In addition, a large-volume EGR system and the three-way catalyst of the lean- burn engine have been improved for use with fuel injection, resulting in significantly cleaner exhaust.

Direct injection diesel turbo engine
The displacement of the direct injection diesel turbo engine is 1,998 cc and it features a four-cylinder 16 valves with a turbocharger. The engine incorporates a fuel-efficient direct injection in the compact size and drastically reduces combustion noise and NOx emissions. Each cylinder has a four-valve design and center-oriented injection nozzle along with an electronic fuel injection system. These features allow the direct injection engine to maintain the high pressure air-fuel combustion of conventional direct injection engines during the main propagation period while providing the quick ignition of indirect injection engines. The maximum output and maximum torque are 100 ps/ 3,500 rpm (target) and 22.4 kg-m/ 2,000 rpm (target), respectively. In comparison with the same displacement engine, the compact direct injection diesel turbo engine improves the maximum output by 22%, the maximum torque by 21% and the fuel economy for a 60km/h constant driving by approximately 30%.

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Mazda MS-X Sedan

Mazda MS-X is a multi-purpose sedan which combines a typical styling as a sedan, superb body rigidity and driving stability with versatility of the interior space usually seen on recreational vehicles (RVs).

It also features Smart Card System and Interactive Digital Communication system which support comfortable and safe driving.

* The body sizes are 4,645 mm in overall length, 1,700 mm in overall width and 1,530 mm in overall. The engine displacement is 2.0-liters. With the 2,800 mm long wheelbase, the short front and rear overhangs, and the superb product packaging such as the tall interior height, an ample interior space is realized, taking the maximum advantage as a sedan which separates luggage space and luggage compartment clearly.
* The rear window adopts a structure which wraps around the C-pillar. With a contrast between the C-pillar and the body panel, a seamless styling is achieved yet does not emphasize the overall height too much.
* The control panel is a concealed type. Once the engine is turned off, the gauge cluster in the center with a speed meter will be concealed, thereby achieving a relaxing interior space which does not present somewhat cold feelings of machinery.
* Thanks to the fuel tank placed beneath the driver's seat, a flat and wide floor space in the rear is achieved, With the rear-seat arrangements, the space in the rear seats can be used as a supplemental trunk.
* The MS-X will sensor an electric pulse relayed by the Smart Card. It automatically controls the locking and unlocking operations of the doors and adjusts the steering wheel and seat positions.
* In the events of the vehicle dangerously moving away from a driving lane or dealing with a lane change, the Interactive Digital Communication system will support the driver's action by giving a warning. The MS-X incorporates a driving display which indicates instructions of a navigation route and administrates the payment record in case of dealing with automatic toll collection systems.

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Mazda SW-X Wagon

Mazda SW-X is a compact space wagon of the C-segment which enables seven passengers to seat comfortably despite its Protege-size body and whose interior space can be used for a wide range of purposes. With the ample height of the interior room, the flat floor and the seat sliding function with long rails, the Mazda SW-X offers a variety of seat arrangements.

Mazda SW-X Wagon

* The body dimensions are 4,355 mm in overall length, 1,700 mm in overall width and 1,700 mm in overall height. The engine displacement is 1.8-liters.
* The styling of the SW-X features a contrast in between the tensioned-like body panels, emphasizing a sense of power, and colorful resin parts attached to each body section.
* Thanks to the torsion beam-type rear suspension, the SW-X realizes a flat yet low floor from the leg room of the driver to luggage compartment. The sufficient overall height offers ample head clearance in the interior room. The first, second and third row seats can accommodate two, three and two passengers, respectively. With a total of four long sliding rails which are placed with an equal interval and run from the first row and the third row seats, all the seats, except the driver's seat and the seat in the center of the second row, can be fixed at random positions. In addition, except the driver's seat, all the seats can be detached. With these function, the SW-X can arrange the interior space depending on the number of people and the size of luggage.

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Mazda MV-X

Mazda MV-Xs a multi-purpose vehicle which is intended for both outdoor and city use.

Mazda MV-X

It is not just a means of transportation to carry people or luggage, but proposes a new style of minivan which supports diverse life-style of customers.

Mazda MV-X blue

It incorporates a variety of unique features, including the electric sliding function to load and unload the seats.

* The body sizes are 4,610 mm in overall length, 1,890 mm in overall width and 1,725 mm in overall height. The engine displacement is 2.5-liters.
* The styling is sporty and dynamic which differentiates it from conventional minivans. The blue-keyed coloring concept was created by keeping marine sports wears and equipment in mind.
* Assuming the watery passengers enter the vehicle, the MV-X features water-resistant materials throughout, including each seat, instrument panel, door trims and the floor.
* All the seats except the driver's are captain-chair type and detachable. The second- and third-row seats feature a sliding function with long rails.
* The seats in the second and third rows can be loaded and unloaded electrically through a ramp way attached to the rear end, so that heavy luggage including a jet ski can be easily loaded and unloaded.

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New Mazda 626 Capella Wagon

As another new vehicle to be marketed in the future, the all-new Capella Wagon will be exhibited. With the "People always come first" concept, Mazda has succeeded in developing a new-generation wagon that can offer open and comfortable driving environments for passengers. Superb space utility, made possible by flexible seat arrangement depending on the amount of luggage and the number of passengers, and long-hour driving capability with high-speeds and higher levels of safety are also achieved.

Mazda 626 Capella Wagon

* The body sizes of the new Capella Wagon are 4,665 mm in overall length and 1,695mm in overall width. The overall height is 1,510 mm (1,525 mm for the four- wheel-drive model) making its parking easier. The body is exclusive for the wagon;its wheelbase is 60 mm longer than the sedan model.
* With the upright and high seating positions, the views through the windshield and fatigue-free driving environments are enhanced, while the in-and-out operation is eased.
* A variety of seat arrangements are realized by incorporating "Space-up Seats" which features passenger seatback fold flat operation as well as the individually reclining, sliding and double-folding functions for the rear seats.
* The luggage volume can be enlarged to 537 liters (measured by VDA standard) once the rear seats are slid forward to the front most position. The rear end features a hatchback whose glass window can be opened and closed for making loading and unloading the hand-carry luggage easier.
* The new Capella Wagon is equipped with a 2.0-liter inline four-cylinder DOHC 16- valve Diluted-burn or D-burn engine. By re-circulating relatively large volume of exhaust gas into the combustion chambers, the internal friction or pumping loss in the engine can be largely reduced and the combustion temperature can be lowered; thereby achieving better fuel economy and reduced CO2 and NOx emissions. The four-wheel-drive model features a 2.0-liter higher-power engine.
* The suspension system incorporates a MacPherson strut in front and the highly acclaimed Twin Trapezoidal Link or TTL in rear. The suspension system enables the new Capella Wagon to achieve a stable and comfortable ride without being sacrificed by the number of passengers or the amount of luggage. The four-wheel-drive model adopts a self-leveling suspension which automatically senses the degree of the vehicle's squat in the rear due to load and adjusts the overall height.
* The high rigid safety body Mazda Advanced Impact Distribution and Absorption System is designed. It features ample crushable zones both in front and rear which efficiently absorb the impact energy in the events of collisions. In addition to the dual SRS (Supplemental Restraint System) airbag system, side airbags which protect the head area are featured. The seat belt in front is with a load limiter and direct clamp.

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New Mazda Roadster MX-5

Defined as a new vehicle to be marketed in the future, the all-new Mazda Roadster will be exhibited. Since its world debut in 1989, the first generation Mazda Roadster has been highly touted as the best two-seat lightweight roadster in the world. The new Roadster inherits virtues of the first generation and balances all the strong points of top-down driving fun with superb sportscar performance and incomparable styling.

Mazda Roadster MX-5

* The dimensions of the new Mazda Roadster are 3,955 mm in overall length, 1,680 mm in overall width, 1,235 mm in overall height and 2,265 mm in wheelbase. Only the overall width is 5 mm wider than its predecessor.
* The basic layout maintains the front-engine rear-drive layout achieving an ideal front and rear weight distribution. The engine is mounted mid-ship behind the axle.
* Carrying on the design motif recognizable as the Roadster at a glance, the new Roadster is designed to offer sportier, aggressive and dynamic styling in a three- dimensional form.
* Either 1.8-liter or 1.6-liter inline four-cylinder DOHC 16-valve engines are available. With refinement of the intake and exhaust systems, both engines have improved output and torque, enhanced revving characteristics, and greater acceleration response.
* The 1.8-liter engine model features a newly-developed six-speed manual transmission which optimizes engine speed and acceleration characteristics at high rpms.
* The double wishbone suspension at the front and rear is further enhanced. Through reviewing of the geometry and fine tuning, the driving stability of the new Roadster was refined for more fun driving.
* By incorporating glass window with defoggers, the views through the rear window were greatly improved. By dropping the zipper around the vinyl rear window, its open and close operations were eased, while the overall weight of the soft top was reduced.
* The highly rigid and safe body Mazda Advanced Impact Distribution and Absorption System achieves enhanced collision safety. The well-managed body torsion and vibration as a result of increase in the body rigidity contribute to achieving the superb driving stability of the new Roadster.
* In addition to the driver's and passenger's SRS (Supplemental Restraint System) airbags, the seat belts are equipped with an automatic tension function that regulates tension force against a certain level of impact to the occupants.

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New Capella Wagon

Another new vehicle, the all-new Capella Wagon (Mazda 626 Wagon), makes its debut in Japan. The new-generation Capella Wagon offers a comfortable interior space with the "People always come first" concept and a variety of space arrangements.

Mazda 626 Capella Wagon
Reflecting Mazda's sense for the future, Mazda R&D and design facilities created three concept vehicles. Mazda MV-X is a multi-purpose vehicle which is intended for both outdoor and city driving. Mazda SW-X is a space-wagon of the C-segment which can comfortably seat seven passengers. The Mazda MS-X is a multi-purpose sedan which features unique versatility for a sedan combining the virtues of a recreational vehicle.

As part of Mazda's environment- and safety-conscious technologies, Mazda is currently researching and developing direct injection gasoline engine and a compact direct injection diesel turbo engine. The highly-rigid and safety body Mazda Geometric Motion Absorption or MAGMA(*2) will also be exhibited.

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13 new vehicles

Mazda Motor Corporation announced today that it would be exhibiting 13 new vehicles, from an all-new Mazda Roadster (Mazda MX-5) to an electric-powered Demio EV at the 32nd Tokyo Motor Show at the Makuhari Messe, the international convention center in Chiba Prefecture near Tokyo. The company will also be showing-off a wide array of new technology and safety advances, including two new engines, a futuristic fuel cell for electric vehicles, and sophisticated passenger protection systems. It is scheduled to open for the public on October 25 and to run through to November 5 (*1). With the exception of the environmentally-friendly Demio EV, which will be exhibited separately at EV Association Booth, all the other vehicles will be exhibited at the Mazda Corner.

Under the Mazda's new "winged M" brand symbol and its slogan, "The Practical Car. The Enjoyable Car. That's Mazda," the company will excite the Motor Show audience with its new sense of enthusiasm and its wide array of stylish, sporty, and functional products as well as its advanced technologies.

As one of Mazda's most important new vehicles to be marketed in the future, the all-new Mazda Roadster (Mazda MX-5) will make its world debut at the show. Inheriting all the virtues from the first generation, the new Mazda Roadster has been further refined as a open two-seat lightweight sportscar with special attention paid to its world renowned fun- to-drive characteristics.

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