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New Capella Main features

* The corner protectors are fitted to the front bumpers. The protectors can be individually replaced, enabling easy and low-cost repairs.
* Rear spoiler with LED-type high-mount stop lamp is standard equipment on type Zi-R and optional on Gi-R.
* The UV-cut glass, which shut off the ultra violet rays, is adopted to all window glass of type Zi-R and Gi-R.
* The "Sports Package" is available as an option for type Gi-R.

The "Sports Package" includes

Rear spoiler with LED-type high-mount stop lamp, 185/65R14 tires and 14-inch aluminum wheels, leather steering wheel and shift knob.

* All models are equipped with air conditioning (full-auto air conditioner for type Zi-R and Gi-R, and manual air conditioner for type Li, Ci and Fi)
* Leather steering wheel and shift knob is standard on type Zi-R and optional on Gi-R.
* The wooden panel on the center console is standard on type Zi-R and Gi-R.
* The "all-in-one AV navigation system" with the navigation function and audio system, which includes FM/AM digital tuner, cassette player, CD player and TV tuner, is available as an option for type Zi-R and Gi-R. The system incorporates a wide 5.8-inch LCD type display.

•Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price for each model is as follows:

( in \1,000, exlcuding consumption tax)

Zi-R 5MT2,0732,2192,0992,093
Type FP-DE
Gi-R 5MT1,7791,8351,8051,799#
Li 5MT1,6791,7351,7051,699
Ci 5MT1,5751,6411,6111,595
4WD Type FS-DE
Fi 5MT1,9812,0372,0072,001

The "# indicates the model which is appeared in the first page of this News Releases with its photograph.

* In Sapporo and Sendai markets, the cold area version will be introduced.
* The optional price of the SRS side airbag system with head protecting function for both driver and front passenger seats is \30,000. (the standard equipment on type Zi-R).
* The type Gi-R equipped with the "Sports Package" is \125,000 extra. The type Zi-R without the "Sports Package," is reduced by \130,000.

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New Capella drive characteristics

The new Capella realizes a fun to drive with its powerful and highly-efficient powertrains, highly rigid body, and superbly tuned chassis.

1. Engine
All models of the new Capella are equipped with "Diluted-burn" engines with increased power and a torque at the practical engine revolution range by improving the charging efficiency and combustion process. Especially, type FS-ZE 2.0-liter engine produces the class-leading 170 ps maximum power.
In the "Diluted-burn" engines, a large amount of the exhaust gas is recirculated into the combustion chamber to improve fuel efficiency and to reduce the CO2 and NOx emissions in the wide range of driving situation including the acceleration and stable driving. The three types of engines offered in the new Capella, has been increased the maximum power by 9 to 36% (*3), reduced the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by 5 to 21%, and also reduced the NOx emissions by 7 to 18% (*3). For the 2.0-liter FWD models, the maximum power has been increased by 36%, and the fuel consumption, CO2 and NOx emissions has been reduced by 18%, respectively.
(*3) measured by the 10-15 mode

Engin TypeType FS-ZE
2.0-liter DOHC
Type FS-DE
2.0-liter DOHC
Type FP-DE
1.8-liter DOHC
Max.power (ps/rpm JIS net)170 / 6,800140 / 6,300125 / 6,000
Max.torque (kg-m/rpm JIS net)18.4 / 5,00018.2 / 4,80016.3 / 4,500
Fuel requiredUnleaded premiumUnleaded regularUnleaded regular

Body and chassis
The combination of the highly rigid "MAGMA" body with the thoroughly-developed suspension system ensures the stable handling and excellent ride comfort in a daily use such as accommodating four adults, carrying heavy luggage, etc. The suspension is composed of the front MacPherson struts and the renowned Mazda SS (self-stabilizing) suspension in the rear. The type Zi-R with the 2.0-liter high-performance engine is matched with the sporty-tuned suspension to further enhance its running performance.

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New Capella safety features

# Active safety

* Sideward visibility in rainy conditions has been improved by the A-pillar's gutter molding which prevents the rain flowing into the side windows. In addition, the rain deflector on the door mirror housing ensures a rain-free mirror surface for excellent rearward visibility.
* Its suspension with a high level of stability and the reliable braking system realize a safe driving.
* All models are equipped with the 4-wheel anti-lock braking system. In addition, the traction control system which is standard on all FWD models and the full-time 4WD system ensure the exceptional stability in handling and braking, and the excellent obstruction avoiding capability even in adverse weather conditions.

# Passive Safety

* The "MAGMA" newly developed, highly rigid and safety body consists of the sufficient front and rear crumple zones, which efficiently absorb the energy of a collision, and the rigid structure of the cabin. The Triple-H Structure," which explains the structure like the letter "H" used in the roof, body side and underfloor, secures the space for the occupants in a side collision or roll-over accident. With the body structure, the new Capella precedingly complies with the new domestic side impact regulation and the European new collision safety regulations (including offset frontal impact and side impact) which will be effective in 1998.
* Dual frontal SRS airbag system is standard equipment on all models.
* The world's first SRS side airbag system with the head protection function is standard on the type Zi-R and optional for all other models. The side airbag protects the upper torso and the head of front seat occupants, avoiding serious injury from contact with the side window and the center pillar. The side airbag is installed in each front seat's outer seatback bolster to offer optimum protection regardless of seat position.
* All models are equipped with front seatbelts featuring direct clamps and load limiters. In an accident, these mechanisms restrain passengers quickly and then reduce the excessive load to their chest.

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New Capella Arrangeable cabin

Offering much more versatility as well as fundamental features with a variety of seating layouts, plenty of storage space, etc., the new Capella gives the customers pleasure and comfort which conventional sedans never have.

1. Versatile seat arrangement which can be utilized like wagon
* The front passenger seat incorporates the function called the "Space Up Seat" (standard on all models except type Ci); the seatback can be folded forward and a horizontal surface is created. The back side of the seat has a resin-finished panel and it can be used as a table. Having this seat folded also allows easier communication between the driver and passengers in the rear seat.
* he rear seat has a center armrest with the trunk-through function and 60-40 split fold-down seatback (standard on all models except Ci). Combined with the "Space Up Seat," these functions create an exceptionally versatile cabin which can even load a long object as long as 2.7 meters in spite of the sedan body. It meets the needs in daily use and weekend leisure activities regardless the purpose or number of passengers.

2. Plenty of storage space
* The new Capella is equipped with a large-capacity glove box, coin holder, folding cup holder and a storage space in front of the shift lever that holds 13 CDs in it.
* The front doors have capacious door pockets which can hold the large map book.
* The rear seat center armrest is equipped as standard (except type Ci) with cup holder for two cups and a storage compartment for small items.

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New Capella Upright Packaging

The new Capella has a compact body within the "5-number size" dimensions in 4,575 mm overall length and 1,695 mm overall width. Its "Upright Packaging" with a taller overall height and higher hip points for passengers offers greater comfort and a more functional cabin space.

1. Comfortable cabin environment with less fatigue
* Its overall height of 1,440mm (1,455mm for 4WD models), which is relatively taller in its class, and higher seating positions provides the passengers with greater ease of entry and exit. Its higher view point also gives excellent field of vision.
* The new Capella's upright angle of the seatbacks let the passenger to sit up straight. It realized the comfortable cabin environment with less fatigue even in the long drives.
* The seat height adjuster of the driver's seat, which can adjust the front and rear of the cushion independently, enables the right driving position for each individual.

2. Functional and spacious cabin
* Sufficient interior length created by its upright seating position and taller overall height realize a spacious cabin.
* The raised seating position enables the higher rear deck without obstructing the rearward view. In addition, the rear seatback with the upright angle results in a large-capacity 502-liter (measured by VDA standard) trunk.

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Capella 1800 DOHC Gi-R

The outline of the new Capella:

Mazda Capella 1800

The exterior of the new Capella has a youthful and vigorous appearance based on a wedged shape design. In the center of the front grille and the rear end, the new brand symbol, which expresses Mazda's dedication to continuous growth and improvement, is mounted. It is a symbolic development of the Mazda and shows the company stretching its wings as it soars into the 21st century.

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New Capella four-door sedan

Mazda Motor Corporation today introduced its completely redesigned new Capella, small car category four-door sedan, through the Mazda and Mazda Anfini sales channels in Japan.

Since the debut of the first Capella in 1970, the model has been highly evaluated not only in the domestic market but also in overseas market, in which known as the Mazda 626, and garnered many prestigious awards.

The new Capella, a core model of Mazda's lineup, was developed to embody new values that respond to the diversified lifestyles. It is a new type of sedan with the underlying strength of traditional sedan's values such as driving stability, familiar styling and ease of daily use. It incorporates wagon-like functions for a wide variety of purposes and world top level safety features. Endowed with these value and functions, the new Capella represents excellent value for money.

The new Capella has the following four main features:

"Upright Packaging" for a spacious and comfortable cabin environment with less fatigue.

"Arrangeable Cabin" for a enjoyable use with a variety of seating or luggage layouts.

World top level safety features realized through the newly developed highly rigid "MAGMA" body structure and the installing of world's first SRS side airbag with head protection function.

Fun to drive characteristics with excellent performance and driving stability regardless of the number of passenger and weight of luggage.

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Friday, August 8, 1997

Sales results 1997

Mazda European sales results for January to June of 1997 totaled 109,753 units, up 4.5% over the previous year, showing increases for two consecutive years.

The core Mazda 323 led off with sales of 53,344 units, an increase of 3.9% over the previous year, followed by the MX-5 with an increase of 4.7% at 5,998 units, the MX-3 with a 33.1% increase at 3,109 units, and the MPV with a 140.7% increase at 1,314 units. In commercial vehicles, sales of the E-series, and the B-series were both favorable pushing the total commercial vehicle sales to 6,788 units, an increase of 35.9%.

Countries with a high growth rate over the previous corresponding are as follows:

Spainup 105.6%
Finlandup 37.9%
Greeceup 70.0%
Italyup 30.5%
Swedenup 56.7%
UKup 30.1%
Czech Republicup 47.4%
Hungaryup 27.4%

Additionally, from April of 1996 to March of this year, the monthly sales results exceeded those of the same month of the previous year for 12 consecutive months.

These favorable results can be attributed to the European introduction of the New 323 3-door hatchback in early 1997, and enhancing the product strength of the MPV, MX-3 and MX-5.

Mazda is also anticipating that the start of sales of the new 626 in July of this year will help its European sales gain more momentum.

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