Friday, June 30, 2000

Micro Mini Vehicles Price

- Suggested Retail Price (No sales tax included)
[AZ-Wagon](Unit: thousand yen)
Model Body Type Engine Drive Transmission Price
Fun2 Edition
5-door DOHC
2WD 5MT 1,095
Column 3AT 1,160
4WD 5MT 1,192
Column 3AT 1,257
Fun2 Edition
5-door SOHC
2WD Column 4AT 1,310
4WD Column 4AT 1,407
Note: Compared to the applicable price indicated above:
- With the safety package (airbags both for driver's seat and passenger seat, four-wheel ABS system and pretensioner-equipped front seatbelts included), the FM Fun2 Edition costs 50 thousand yen higher (the safety package is a standard feature for the FX-TL Fun2 Edition).
- The Pearl White color model costs 20 thousand yen higher.
- The 2WD wintry-weather-resistant model costs 10 thousand yen higher. All the 4WD models are sold as a wintry-weather-resistant model.

[Carol](Unit: thousand yen)
Model Body Type Engine Drive Transmission Price
Fun2 Edition 5-door SOHC 2WD 5MT 713
3AT 768
4WD 5MT 880
3AT 935
Note: Compared to the applicable price indicated above:
- With the safety package (airbags both for driver's seat and passenger seat, four-wheel ABS system and pretensioner-equipped front seatbelts included), the 2WD Fun2 Edition costs 50 thousand yen higher (the safety package is a standard feature for the 4WD Fun2 Edition).
- The 2WD wintry-weather-resistant model costs 10 thousand yen higher. All the 4WD models are sold as a wintry-weather-resistant model.

[Laputa](Unit: thousand yen)
Model Body Type Engine Drive Transmission Price
Fun2 Edition 5-door SOHC
2WD 4MT 973
4WD 4AT 1,080
Note: All the models of the Laputa Fun2 Edition are wintry-weather-resistant.

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Mazda Autozam Channel

Mazda will consolidate the local wholesalers of Autozam Inc., a general wholesaler in Japan, into one new distributor to strengthen the Mazda Autozam Channel. The new company, "Mazda Autozam Inc." will begin operations in January 2001.

This initiative is intended to strengthen Mazda Autozam's management foundation and to increase its efficiency. Mazda also aims to enhance customer satisfaction with consolidated marketing and sales policies.

The first Autozam dealership began operations in June 1989, as a new-type sales channel that promotes show-room sales by area customer-oriented approaches and offers primarily micromini vehicles and some small cars.

Mazda renamed the channel "Mazda Autozam" in the spring of 1998 and has been working to expand its product line-up. Mazda Autozam is currently made up of 327 dealers and 350 outlets. A total of approximately 750,000 units have been sold through the channel.

In keeping with its original operational guideline, "Mazda Autozam aims to become the dealership closest to customers." The new "Mazda Autozam" will continue to focus its efforts on communities.

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Laputa Fun 5-door G

3. Laputa Fun2 Edition (based on the five-door G)

Mazda Laputa G

- Door mirrors and front and rear outer door handles in the same color as the outer panel.
- Customized navy-colored fabric applied to seat surface and door trim.
- The four-wheel-drive model features "heated door mirrors."

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Carol Fun 5-door SG model

2. Carol Fun2 Edition (based on the five-door SG model)

Mazda Carol 5-door SG

- Keyless entry system with lamp-flashing indicator function, audio cassette tape deck with an AM/FM electronic-display tuner, power windows and power door locks.
- Customized navy-colored seat materials.
- Full-covering wheel caps.
- The four-wheel-drive model features "heated door mirrors," where a heater is internally installed to remove vapor, and rear window wiper/washer.

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AZ-Wagon FM/FX-TL Fun

1. AZ-Wagon FM/FX-TL Fun2 Edition (based on the FM/FX-TL models)

Mazda AZ-Wagon
- Under-spoilers at front, rear and both sides and a roof spoiler at the rear-end.
- Customized front grille whose color matches that of the outer panel, proper 4-bulb halogen headlamps and muffler cutters.
- Front and rear outer door handles in the same color as the outer panel (only for the FM Fun2 Edition).
- Metal-coated inner door handles.
- Navy-colored instrument panel garnish and meter clusters.
- Customized navy-colored fabric applied to seat surface and door trim.
- 2DIN-size stereo MD/CD/audio cassette tape player.

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Micro Mini Vehicles Reborn

Mazda Motor Corporation has unveiled the special edition "Fun2(Fun-Fun)" for three micro mini vehicles: AZ-Wagon, Carol and Laputa showing off user-favorite features. All the Fun2 Edition models are now available at the Mazda Autozam dealerships throughout Japan.

The special series "Fun2" comes with popular features which lend a feeling of additional quality at affordable prices.

Here are the Fun2 edition model features for each of the cars:

1. AZ-Wagon Fun2 Edition (FM model and FX-TL model)
Based on the DOHC-engine FM model and the SOHC-engine FX-TL model, the AZ-Wagon Fun2 Edition comes with front, side and rear aerodynamic accessories, which add to a sporty look.

2. Carol Fun2 Edition The Carol Fun2 Edition (originally the five-door SG model) features a keyless entry system, power windows and power door locks.

3. Laputa Fun2 Edition
The Fun2-modified five-door G model includes features, such as side mirrors and door handles, whose color matches that of the outer panel, and customized seat materials that give the overall interior a quality feel.

Equipped with these features, the Fun2 Edition reflects the Mazda brand personality, "Stylish," "Insightful" and "Spirited," making the Mazda brand even more distinctive in the market.

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Thursday, June 22, 2000

Limited model MPV Briza

Mazda has already announced five other Briza models, the Premacy, Demio, Familia S-Wagon, Bongo Friendee and the Capella Wagon; all of which have earned a warm reception from Mazda customers.

Mazda MPV Briza

-Overview of the MPV Briza
Base Model: MPV standard model equipped with 2,000cc DOHC engine.

New Features:
- Front, side, rear and rear roof spoiler.
- Front fog lamps and 15-inch aluminum wheels.
- Dark-tinted rear door windows, quarter-windows and lift gate windows.
- Outer door handles and side protector coated in the same color as the outer panel.
- Audio system that contains CD, audio cassette, AM/FM radio and four speakers.
- AV navigation system, a high-power amplifier and a nine-speaker sound system available as an option.
- Jacquard moquette textile seat surface that is used only in higher trim-level V6 2.5-liter engine models.
- Front seat armrests and front-tilting and hip-lifting mechanism for the driver's seat.
- Two outer panel colors: popular Chaste White (interior: beige) and two-toned Highlight Silver Metallic/Gentry Silver Metallic (interior: gray).

-MPV Briza Suggested Retail Prices (No sales tax included)

Model Tokyo, Osaka,
Nagaya, Hiroshima
Sapporo Sendai Yamaguchi Fukuoka
MPV Briza 2,354 2,399 2,375 2,372 2,379

(Unit: thousand yen)
Note: Compared to the prices indicated above, the wintry-weather-spec model costs 10,000 yen higher; the two-toned color model 26,000 yen higher; and the AV navigation system/high-power amplifier/nine-speaker sound system model altogether 185,000 yen higher.

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MPV Briza series

Mazda Motor Corporation has started selling "MPV Briza" as one of the limited model "Briza" series at the Mazda and Mazda Anfini dealerships.

The limited model MPV Briza, based on the standard 2.0-liter engine 2WD model of the MPV, features front and side spoilers, a rear roof spoiler, 15-inch aluminum wheels, a CD player and large size armrests on the driver's seat, etc. Despite these special features, which are usually found in high-grade models, the price settings remain modest. One thousand units of the MPV Briza are available for sales.

The MPV is a full-scale minivan that fully embodies Mazda's brand personality, "Stylish," "Insightful" and "Spirited." The MPV has been highly esteemed by the customers for its stylish exterior and insightful seat arrangements. Stud with aero-parts, the exterior of the MPV Briza has been freshened, lending an even sportier air to the vehicle and underlining the "Stylish" and "Spirited" aspects of the Mazda brand personality.

The limited model Briza series is the first launched under Mazda's "MM Project," which stands for "More Mazda," an effort to develop a closer connection between Mazda and Market(its customers). "Briza" comes from a traditional Spanish word which means "breeze." The name reflects the primary look and features of the limited series and Mazda's commitment to provide vehicles for exhilarating lifestyles.

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Wednesday, June 14, 2000

Complex ISO 14001 Certification

Mazda Motor Corporation has earned ISO 14001 (commonly known as environment ISO) certification for its operations in the Hiroshima area. Mr. Hiroshi Kamiya, general manager of the Hiroshima plant, accepted the award on behalf of Mazda and its employees, from the Japan Automobile Research Institute (JARI), which as part of its function, evaluates and certifies companies for ISO accreditation.

Mazda Hiroshima Operations that have obtained ISO 14001 certification are:
- Hiroshima Plant
- The Head Office compound encompassing all departments, including R&D, production engineering, logistical transportation and administrative departments and six affiliated companies operating on the premises. (Those facilities include: Toyo Advanced Technologies Co., Ltd., Mazda Earth Technologies Co., Ltd., Mazda Ace Co., Ltd., Mazda Sangyo Co., Ltd., Mazda Plantec Co. Ltd., and Malox Co., Ltd.)
- The Miyoshi Proving Ground and Diesel Engine Plant in the northern part of Hiroshima Prefecture

With a combined total of more than 20,000 employees at these operations, the scale of this effort and award is unprecedented in the Japanese auto industry.

Mazda has been working toward making effective use of resources and energy as well as minimizing impact on the environment, under its environmental principle, "to promote environmental protection and contribute to a better society." The initiative to gain ISO 14001 certification is part of these efforts and represents Mazda's determination to be a good corporate citizen.

With today's announcement, all Mazda operations in Japan are certified. Mazda's Hofu Plant received ISO 14001 certification last September.

As for major production sites abroad, Auto Alliance Thailand (AAT), a joint venture in Thailand between Mazda and Ford, obtained ISO 14001 certification on May 11, and Auto Alliance International (AAI), a joint venture in the US between the two companies, is planning to obtain certification this summer.

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Friday, June 9, 2000

CNG-fueled Demio specifications

Mazda Demio

Base model Demio 1,500cc 4EC-AT GL
Maximum seating capacity 5
Maximum output (kW / rpm) 55 / 5500
Maximum torque (Nm / rpm) 113/3500
Running distance per charge 200 km (10-15 mode)
Tank Capacity 78L

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Natural Gas-Fueled Demio features

1. Superb durability with the adoption of an exclusive heat-resistant and wear-resistant valve sheet on the intake and exhaust valve of the engine
2. Highly durable ignition plug using a platinum-alloy electrode
3. Unique device for preventing fuel leakage

Mazda Demio NGF

In 1992, Mazda established "Mazda's environmental principles" and "action guidelines". These are usually referred to as our Global Environmental Charter. Mazda has been working on reducing exhaust emissions and CO2 while increasing fuel economy, the research and development of clean-fueled vehicles, and the promotion of recycling. Mazda has introduced two natural gas-fueled models into market in the past, the Capella Cargo in 1992 and the Titan in 1994.

Mazda expects to sell 50 natural gas-fueled Demio per year at a suggested retail price of 2,801,000 yen.

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Compressed Natural Gas-Fueled Demio

Mazda has started to sell in Japan a version of the Demio that uses compressed natural gas (CNG), through Mazda, Mazda Anfini and Mazda Autozam dealers beginning June 1. Natural gas, composed mainly of methane, releases only small amounts of CO2 and is gaining attention as a clean energy alternative to petroleum.

The CNG-fueled model was developed using the 1,500cc, 4EC-AT popular Demio as its base. With its stylish appearance, flexible and creative seating arrangements, and superb maneuverability, the Demio fully embodies Mazda's brand personality of "Stylish", "Insightful", and "Spirited".

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Thursday, June 1, 2000

Telematics Center services

Services Contents
News News in general
Weather forecast Detailed weather forecast for a specific region, weekly weather forecast
Area information Restaurants, parking lots, hotels & inns, sporting facilities, sightseeing spots, shops, gas stations, JAF, road stations, hospitals, Mazda dealers
Others Fortune telling, notices from Mazda Telematics Center

Major functions of Mazda Telematics Center (classified by way of access)
Car navigation With car navigation compatible
with Mazda Telematics Center
Without car
Way of access Car navigation Home PC Home PC
With Zenrin's
Electronic map
Z [zi:] III
With Zenrin's
Electronic map
Z [zi:] III
With Zenrin's
Electronic map
Z [zi:] III
Information provision Yes Yes Yes Yes(*2)
by genre Yes Yes Yes Yes
by name No Yes Yes Yes
by phone # No Yes Yes Yes
Point registration Yes Yes Yes Yes
Auto dialing Yes No No No
Preview on map Yes Yes No Yes
Drive route setting Yes Yes No Yes
Date transfer from home PC
to car navigation
Yes (Area info. & Drive route) (Area information) -
Web page customizing Yes Yes Yes Yes
Internet connection Yes Yes Yes Yes
(*1&2):Only " Area information" and "Notices from Mazda Telematics Center" are available.

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Mazda Telematics Center

Mazda Motor Corporation will establish "Mazda Telematics Center," an information provision service to support our customers, using the Internet and car navigation system, on June 1, 2000.

With Brand Massage "Kokoro wo ugokasu shin hassou - New ideas that stir your emotions," Mazda has been striving to promote our Brand Management Strategy for a closer "emotional connection" with our customers in every aspect of contact with them, such as products, communications, sales and services. Mazda aims to continue enhancing its brand image and increasing customer satisfaction, by maximizing communication with customers through this insightful information service.

The services of "Mazda Telematics Center" are as follows:
1. The service has no admission fee or annual membership fee. This is for the first time for this type of service provided by Japanese automakers. By just obtaining membership through user registration, any customer of Mazda products, which is equipped with a "Mazda Telematics Center"-compatible navigation system, can use this service (*).
2. Approximately 10 millions of information for hotels, restaurants, shops, gas stations, parking lots, etc. can be retrieved by telephone number. Approximately 3.6 millions items can be retrieved by category.
3. The display of the car navigation system is designed for easy operation and recognition by using large display icons. As the picture data of icons are installed in local memory, it can be displayed faster than downloading from the server, saving money on telephone calls.
4. Each user can customize the home page of "Mazda Telematics Center" to select information by preference.
(*) For the access to "Mazda Telematics Center" with compatible car navigation system, optional adapter unit (combined with a hands-free system) and mobile phone (cdma-One and PHS is not acceptable for this service) are needed. The charge for the telephone call and provider fee should be paid by the customer.

The service will begin in the mid July 2000 when the navigation system, which is compatible with this service, is available as a feature in new Mazda vehicles. Through the Internet communication between car navigation and the center via mobile phone, users can receive the following services of "Driving Support":
a) Retrieval of area information about restaurants, hotels, sporting facilities, sightseeing spots, etc, and onboard drive routes setting. Reports on news, weather forecast, etc.
b) Access to a variety of information on the Web site and sending/receiving e-mail via car navigation system. Users will also have an e-mail account via "Mazda Telematics Center."
c) Preset of driving routes using a home PC.
- Users can access the "Mazda Telematics Center"web site via the Internet using a PC at home. This enables them to retrieve the area information in advance and register it to the server of the "Mazda Telematics Center." They then can make use of the information in their car by downloading it to the car navigation system.
- By purchasing "Zenrin Electronic Map Z [zi:] III," an electronic map software for PCs, to be released by Zenrin Co., Ltd. on June 2, users can retrieve and set driving routes, viewing the map on their home PC, as well as registering the information to their car navigation system via the server.

Customers, who have only purchased "Zenrin Electronic Map Z [zi:] III," can also receive partial of information service (*1) of "Mazda Telematics Center" via the Internet at home PC. By obtaining membership through user registration, the service is available for them with no admission fee or annual membership fee, from June 2.

In addition to the services mentioned above, Mazda will further communicate with customers via "Mazda Telematics Center," by developing advanced services including notification of ordinary/mandatory inspections via e-mail and remote on-board diagnosis, etc.

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