Wednesday, July 25, 2001

Committed Credit Facilities

On July 25, Mazda Motor Corporation established Committed Credit Facilities of 1,000 oku yen with 27 of its key banks. The facilities were arranged by Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corp. Sumitomo Trust and IBJ served as co-arrangers.

Mazda Credit Facilities
Mazda Credit Facilities

At the present time, Mazda has no plans to use these new facilities. The purpose of these facilities is to provide Mazda with greater funding flexibility, incremental funding capacity, and an improved liquidity position in the future. If Mazda chooses to use these new facilities, they most likely would be used to refinance existing debt from other sources.

Mazda President Mark Fields commented: "These new Committed Credit Facilities are another step in our ongoing initiatives to strengthen the financial structure of Mazda. As a result of the Facilities, Mazda will have a stronger balance sheet and be in a more stable financial condition by having access to a large amount of readily available funds at agreed upon terms and conditions.

We have reduced Mazda's group net debt by over 50% since FY1995 at comparable consolidation accounting standards. We intend to reduce it further in the current fiscal year in line with the forecast we issued last May."

Wednesday, July 18, 2001

AZ-Wagon FM-G Prices

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Prices (Excluding Tax)
(Unit: 1,000 yen)

Mazda AZ-Wagon Model
AZ-Wagon FM-G Prices

Drive Engine Transmission Price (nationwide)
Column 4AT 1,063
4WD DOHC VVT 5MT 1,090
Column 4AT 1,175

* All 4WD models are wintry-weather-equipped. The wintry-weather equipment is optional for all 2WD models with an additional 10,000 yen.
* Add 25,000 yen for ABS.
* Add 20,000 yen for Pearl White body color.

FM-G AZ-Wagon

Mazda Motor Corporation has added a new special edition of the AZ-Wagon micro-mini vehicle. Commemorating the 12th anniversary of the Mazda Autozam dealership chain, new FM-G Limited goes on sale today at Mazda Autozam dealerships throughout Japan.

Mazda AZ-Wagon FM-G
FM-G Limited AZ-Wagon: Two-Wheel-Drive Column 4AT Model

FM-G Limited, based on the FM-G model equipped with an air conditioner, keyless entry system and power windows, also offers other high-class features. It includes an MD/CD audio system (cassette players and AM/FM radio), driver and passenger side SRS* airbags, remote controlled retracting electric side mirrors, and dark tinted glass (rear door and rear quarter windows, back door window) at an affordable price. FM-G Limited delivers an even more youthful and lively feel.

Mazda Limited AZ-Wagon
Limited AZ-Wagon

All AZ-Wagon models are certified according to the "excellent low emissions (50% lower emissions than the 2000 standard )." In addition, all two-wheel-drive models, and the four-wheel-drive five-speed manual-transmission models meet the 2010 fuel efficiency standards, allowing them to qualify for the "Clean Tax Incentive" system set by the Japanese government. Under this system, buyers are entitled to a 9,000 yen reduction in the vehicle acquisition tax (on vehicles delivered through March 31, 2002).

The FM-G Limited is available in three body colors: Cyprus Blue Metallic (new), Pearl White and Silky Silver Metallic.

* SRS: Supplemental Restraint System

Monday, July 16, 2001

Millenia Retail Prices

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Prices (Excluding Tax)
(Unit: 1,000 yen)

Engine Transmission Tokyo/Hiroshima/
Sapporo Sendai Fukuoka Okinawa
V6 2000 4EC-AT 2,511 2,518 2,557 2,528 2,536 2,576

* The model is wintry-weather-equipped as standard.
* The manufacturer optional Mazda Telematic compatible DVD Car navigation costs an additional 240,000 yen.

Special equipment Millenia

Special equipment provided on the Millenia "20M Premium Edition"

Mazda Millenia black
Millenia 20M Premium Edition

- Authentic leather seats (beige), & beige interior
- Authentic leather shift knob & leather parking brake lever (both beige)
- Snow flake white pearl mica body color (New color)
- Soft tinted glass (rear windshield & rear door)
- Water repellant glass (front windshield & front door)
- Water repellant door mirrors with heated defogger
- SRS side airbag system with head protection (driver, passenger seat)

Millenia Special Limited Edition

Mazda Motor Corporation has added a special limited edition to the high-class "Millenia" sports sedan. Equipped with authentic leather seats and a new "snow flake white pearl mica" body color, Millenia "20M Premium Edition" goes on sale today at Mazda / Mazda Anfini dealerships throughout Japan.

Mazda Millenia
Mazda Millenia: 20M Premium Edition

This special edition model will provide more elegance and beauty to this high-class sports sedan and will offer high quality with its special equipment in a 2-liter class. The Premium edition, based on the Millenia 20M and equipped with leather seats, stands out from all other white colors with the availability of the new color that delivers a rich shadowing effect. The contrast between the beige interior and the new body color offers an unprecedented deluxe feel and beauty. In addition, Mazda has newly adopted a water repellant glass for the front windshield of this limited model. Safety and privacy has also been enhanced with SRS* side airbags with head protection and soft tinted glass (rear windshield and rear doors).

Millenia delivers Mazda's brand personality. It is "stylish," "insightful," and "spirited," and it's Mazda's flagship model. This sports sedan features flowing and dynamic styling, functional and luxurious interior space and agile driving performance. Its four-wheel multi-link suspension and powerful V6 engine have been well received in Japan and overseas.

Suggested retail price in the Tokyo/Hiroshima area is 2,511,000 yen, a savings of 139,000 yen. Mazda plans to produce 250 units of the limited edition Millenia.
* SRS: Supplemental Restraint System

Wednesday, July 4, 2001

Premacy Retail Prices

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Prices (Excluding Tax)
(Unit: 1,000 yen)

Engine Drive Capacity (# of
Model Japan Nationwide Retail Prices
1800 DOHC 2WD (FF) 5 C 1,598
G 1,688
L 1,798
7 C 1,678
G 1,768
L 1,878
4WD 5 G 1,908
L 1,998
7 G 1,988
L 2,078
2000 DOHC 2WD (FF) 5 Sport 2,068
7 2,148

Notes: All models equipped with column type automatic transmission (EC-AT).

Major Changes to Premacy

1.Modification to Exterior and Interior Design

Mazda Premacy Exterior

Mazda Premacy Exterior

- The front and rear bumpers, headlights, rear combination lamps, aluminum wheels, and wheel covers have been modified to create a more lively styling.
- The front has a sportier look thanks to a sharper looking five-point grille and front bumpers with enlarged openings.
- The Sport model is equipped with aerodynamic parts (front and side air dam skirts, rear roof and under skirts).
- New seat upholstery, new door trim fabric and enlarged door trim fabric surface area give the interior a more deluxe look. The C and G models have a gray interior, the L model has a beige interior, and the Sport model has a black interior. The Sport model features a carbon colored center panel and power window switch bezels for the front doors to match the black interior and create a more sporty impression.
- New body colors
The Sport model is available in the new Starry Blue Mica and Classic Red body colors. The G model is available in the Blazing Green Metallic body color. In all, there are a total of eight body colors to choose from.

2.Improved Dynamic (Driving) Performance

Mazda Premacy Interior

Mazda Premacy Interior

[Improvements to Driving Performance adopting a 2.0-liter DOHC Engine]
- In addition to the highly regarded 1.8-liter DOHC engine featured on previous Premacy models, a 2.0-liter DOHC engine with a maximum output of 121 KW (165 PS) and maximum torque of 177 Nm (18.1 kg-m) is available with the Sport model (FF only). The larger engine delivers high power and superior responsiveness, for a more pleasant driving experience both in the city and when travelling at high speeds on the expressways.
- The Sport model achieves reduced emissions of HC, NOx, and CO. It has received the "good-low emissions (25% reduction from emissions standard for 2000)" rating from the Ministry of Transport.

[Improvements to Maneuvering Stability, Ride Comfort and Quietness]
- Body rigidity has been improved in many places through the efficacious addition of reinforcing materials. In addition, careful tuning has been performed on the front and rear suspension systems. These improvements combine to produce a more comfortable and quieter ride, while further enhancing the excellent maneuvering stability Premacy has been known for since its initial release. Stability is improved both when traveling straight and when changing lanes, either in the city or when traveling at high speeds on the expressway. At the same time, Premacy becomes even more fun to drive.
- In addition to increased body rigidity and the carefully tuned suspension, other improvements have been made in order to significantly reduce noise while driving. These include the use of double door seals, thickened front door windows and increased noise-absorbing material in the engine compartment.

3.Enhanced Comfort and Convenience

Mazda Premacy 7-Passenger seats

Mazda Premacy 7-Passenger

- A wide collapsible armrest (with storage box) for the driver's seat, a seatback pocket on the front passenger seat, and a picnic table (with cup holder) for the second row of seats are standard on all models except the C model.
- A seatback pocket on the driver's seat and a driver's side vanity mirror (with ticket holder and lid) are standard on all models.
- The configuration of the front seats and the second row of seats has been modified to make them more comfortable.
- The driver' s side power window control has a "quick refresh" mode that lowers the window 3 centimeters with a single touch of a button to let fresh air in.
- Users can easily add functions to the new-concept audio system by purchasing additional audio kits.
- A DVD car navigation system compatible with the Mazda Telematics information service and allowing access to the Internet is available as an option on all models except the C model.
- A "rear entertainment pack," including a DVD player with built-in rear video monitor, six speakers, rear AV jacks, rear 100 V power supply, and easy-clean seats, is available as an option on the G model (A similar rear entertainment pack is available as an option on the MPV).

4.Improved Safety
- The Sport is equipped with rear disc brakes.
- The Sport features DSC (dynamic stability control) as standard equipment. It automatically stabilizes the behavior of the vehicle in situations where skidding to the side could occur during turns.
- All models are equipped with water-repellent side mirrors and front door windows. Four-wheel-drive models feature heated side mirrors and wiper deicers to improved visibility and safety.
- All models except the C model feature, as standard safety equipment, ISO-Fix compliant child seat securing mechanisms that reduce the likelihood of accidents caused by improper mounting, and an anchor for a top tether belt to prevent the child seat from dipping forward in the event of a head-on collision (right and left seats in the second row).

Premacy with 2.0-liter Engine

Mazda has added major enhancements to Premacy to enhance maneuvering stability, ride comfort, quietness and safety. The enhanced Premacy goes on sale today at Mazda, Mazda Anfini, and Mazda Autozam dealerships throughout Japan.

Mazda Premacy Sport Model
Two-Wheel-Drive 2.0-Liter DOHC Engine 7-Passenger 'Sport' Premacy Model

Premacy has a compact body that provides enough interior room to accommodate three rows of seats and up to seven passengers.

Mazda also has made major improvements to enhance its stylishness and liveliness through modifications to the exterior and interior design and has created a more sporty feeling while retaining the best points of the original Premacy. The addition of a 2.0-liter engine version strengthens Premacy's "dynamic DNA," a common characteristic for all Mazda vehicles.

With its flexible seat arrangements and excellent driving stability, the Premacy has been well received among young families since its introduction in April 1999.

The major changes to Premacy are as follows.
- Modifications have been made to the bumpers, headlights, and rear combination lamps to create a more active styling.
- The seat upholstery and door trim fabric have been changed, for a more deluxe interior feel.
- The Sport model features a 2.0-liter engine providing more power and better responsiveness.
- Body rigidity has been improved in many areas and the suspension has been tuned to provide better maneuvering stability, a more comfortable ride, and further quietness. These enhancements increase stability and offer more driving pleasure.
- Comfort and convenience have been improved through the addition of a wide collapsible armrest for the driver' s seat and a power window control on the driver's side with a "quick refresh" mode that is useful for letting in fresh air.
- Safety improvements including water-repellent side mirrors, DSC (dynamic stability control) (Sport model), and ISO-Fix* compliant child seat securing mechanisms with top tether hooks as standard equipment (on all except the C model) have been made.

Monthly sales target of Premacy is 1,800 units.

* ISO-Fix is a child seat securing system conforming to standards established by the ISO (International Organization for Standardization).
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