Tuesday, July 18, 2000

Mazda i-mode car navigation system

Mazda Motor Corporation will offer the "Mazda Telematics" DVD car navigation system with an "i-mode" compatible function as a factory option in the new Millenia. Mazda will be the first automaker to introduce the i-mode compatible car navigation system as a factory option.

Mazda i-mode car navigation system
The Mazda Telematics Center, established on June 1, 2000, provides information to customers using the Internet, car navigation system, and home PC. By incorporating compatible function with the i-mode, increasingly popular in Japan, customers can enjoy more information service options.

The advantages of using the i-mode with Mazda Telematics car navigation are as follows:

1. Various i-mode services are available on the Mazda Telematics car navigation
- Users can browse i-mode web sites on the car navigation unit display.
- Users can enjoy i-mode services including "mobile banking" and "ticket reservation," as well as the contents especially designed for the car navigation use.
2. Telephone charges can be reduced in accessing the Mazda Telematics Center
- Mazda Telematics car navigation is designed to enable users to access the center with the "Packet-data transmission system," and they will be charged according to the volume of data transmitted, not the time spent on line.
- The telephone charge to access the center can be reduced compared to using a general mobile phone. Users will not be charged for browsing information on the display, but only for downloading.

Any customer can use this service of Mazda Telematics by registering for membership, and there is no admission fee or annual membership fee (*2). Mazda Telematics is available through the Internet. Retrieval of area information is also available using home PC, and information found on the center can be transmitted to the car navigation system.

With Brand Massage "Kokoro wo ugokasu shin hassou - New ideas that stir your emotions," Mazda has been striving to promote our Brand Management Strategy for a closer "emotional connection" with our customers. Mazda believes this insightful information service will increase customer satisfaction by maximizing communication with customers.

(*1) "i-mode" is a registered trademark of NTT DoCoMo, inc. To use the "i-mode" service, contracts for "Packet-data transmission" and "i-mode service" are required plus a mobile phone (800MHz) contract. To use "i-mode" service" on Mazda Telematics car navigation, an adapter unit (combined with a hands-free system)" and a car navigation-compatible "i-mode" mobile phone are required.
(*2) To connect to "Mazda Telematics Center" with a compatible car navigation system, optional adapter unit (combined with a hands-free system) and mobile phone are required. Cdma-One and PHS mobile phones are not compatible. The telephone charge and provider fee should be paid by the customer.

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Roadster 1800 RS Overview

Mazda Roadster 1800 RS

1. New Dynamic Styling for a Sporty, High-grade Look
Mazda has revamped the exterior and interior to reflect the company's design theme, "contrast in harmony," resulting in an even sportier and more forceful look.
- The front air intake opening incorporates the "five-point grille," for the distinctive Mazda family appearance. Slimmer headlamps create a sharp and stylish impression.
- The headlamps consist of multi-reflector-type high beam lamps and projector-type low beam lamps. Additionally, the rear combination-lamps incorporate a new design that give the turn-flasher compartment a transparent look.
- Instrument panel gauges incorporate a white-colored meter panel, a shiny metal frame and an amber-illuminated lamp. The re-designed door trims lend a sporty and sophisticated feel.
- The RS model, designed for better handling performance, features a black interior. The RS-II model features a two-toned interior color: black and red.

2. Driving Pleasure that Gives the Feel of "Oneness between Car and Driver"
Roadster delivers "driving pleasure that gives the feel of oneness between car and driver," which is known as Mazda's "Dynamic DNA," a development theme common among Mazda's products. Roadster conveys "precise steering and handling," "responsive and linear braking," "composed and confident ride" and "linear and lively performance."

The new Roadster also incorporates improvements to its engine, body and suspension and, as the symbol of the Mazda brand, delivers further improved driving pleasure.

Improved Engine Performance
The 1.8-liter engine now incorporates the S-VT mechanism that optimizes the open/close timing of the intake valves from low to high rpm ranges. Additionally, the improved intake/exhaust system provides smoother accelerating performance up to the high rpm range and attains a sporty and pleasant engine sound.

Engine Maximum output (net) Maximum torque (net)
1.8-liter DOHC S-VT 118kw (160PS)/7000rpm 170Nm (17.3kg-m)/5500rpm

More Rigid Body, Improved Suspension, and Newly-adopted Tires
- Components that contribute to body rigidity, such as the body frame and cross members, have undergone painstaking improvements. The more rigid body results in more solid handling, a smoother ride, and an overall higher-quality driving experience.
- The RS and RS-II models, which were designed with an emphasis on power and acceleration, are now equipped with 205/45R16-inch tires and lightweight 16-inch aluminum wheels with flat flanges.
- The body of the RS and RS-II models incorporate reinforcements such as newly added truss members for substantially increased rigidity.
- The RS and RS-II models are equipped with a new type of damper manufactured by Bilstein that has additional valves for controlling the rebound side only. This is the first time these dampers, which contribute to improved driving dynamics, have been offered in Japan.

Enhanced Brakes
- Enlarged brake components provide improved braking performance with a more responsive feel. Models equipped with 16-inch tires have larger brake discs; and the brakes on models equipped with 14- or 15-inch tires have over-sized master cylinders and boosters.
- For more precise braking, a four-wheel ABS-enhanced Electronically-controlled Braking force Distribution (EBD) system, which automatically optimizes the distribution of braking force to match the front and rear load when the brakes are applied, is now available either standard or optional, depending on the model.

Improved Seat Structure
The seats have been enhanced to provide better support for the shoulder, lumbar, and side areas. This provides drivers with driving pleasure that gives the feel of oneness between car and driver.

3. More Convenience in Day-to-day Driving
To ensure that the new sports car is enjoyable to drive on a daily basis, Roadster features an innovative upgradeable audio system and the redesigned center console.
- The audio system contains separable audio components. This makes it easy to add more functions in the future, such as a CD changer or an MD player. This audio system configuration shows a new concept that the user can add to the audio system new components including the advanced audio appliance that supports the digital music distribution systems. This Mazda-original audio system provides a new level of post-purchase extensibility.
- The size of the center console box has been increased to accommodate up to six CDs.
- The shape and location of the cup holders and ashtray have been modified to make them easier to use. It is also possible to remove the ashtray and use the resulting space as a storage compartment for small objects or another cup holder.
- A keyless entry system including a trunk-lid opener is available as standard or as an option on certain models. This makes the trunk, which is large enough to accommodate two golf bags (9-inch size), even more convenient.

4. Enhanced Safety
- Standard equipment on all models now includes seatbelts with pretensioners and load limiters, as well as the previously offered Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) airbags on the driver and passenger sides.

- Suggested Retail Vehicle Base Prices (Excluding Consumption Tax)
(Unit: 1,000 yen)

Engine Model Transmission Domestic suggested retail price
M 5MT 1,839
4EC-AT 1,982
SP 5MT 1,990
4EC-AT 2,040
1800 DOHC
S 6MT 2,178
4EC-AT 2,226
RS 6MT 2,328
RS-II 6MT 2,437
VS 6MT 2.390
4EC-AT 2,438

Note: Add 48,000 yen for four-wheel ABS (standard equipment on SP and AT models).

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New Roadster Major Feature

1. Sportier styling and higher quality: front mask contains redesigned headlamps and front bumper.
2. New powerful 1.8-liter engine: contains the Sequential Valve Timing (S-VT) mechanism to optimize the open/close timing of the intake valves, for smoother acceleration, and improved performance.
3. Further enhanced handling performance: thanks to the enhanced body frames, increased body rigidity from new added cross members, the revised suspension and enhanced braking response.
4. New high-back driver and passenger bucket seats: provide better support and the enhanced feeling of "oneness between car and driver."
5. User-friendly equipment: includes the upgradeable new audio system and the easy-to-use center console incorporating cup holders.

New Mazda Roadster 1800 RS
* As of the end of June 2000, 565,779 units of the Roadster were produced. The mass production of the Roadster started in April 1989. Roadster evolved into the second model in January 1998.

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New Sporty two-seater Roadster

Here's good news for lovers of lightweight open two-seater sports cars. The best just got better.Mazda Motor Corporation's new Roadster, just introduced at Mazda Anfini and other selected Mazda dealers throughout Japan, has a powerful new 1.8-liter engine, increased body rigidity, and a number of exterior and interior enhancements.

Mazda Sport Roadster
Since the launch of the original Roadster in September 1989, Mazda's engineers have continued to embrace the "oneness between car and driver" philosophy for Roadster, aiming at providing drivers with a refreshing feel of open-car driving and distinctive styling. Generating a new market for lightweight, open two-seat sports cars, Mazda has sold over 565,000 units* of the Roadster worldwide since 1989. The Roadster was recognized recently as the world's top-selling two-seater sports car by Guinness World Records.

Roadster reflects Mazda's commitment to deliver cars that are "stylish," "insightful" and "spirited" through "distinctive design," "exceptional functionality" and "responsive handling and performance." The Roadster is one of the products that best embodies Mazda's brand personality.

The Mazda Roadster delivers "driving pleasure that provides the feel of oneness between car and driver, " which is known as "Dynamic DNA." Mazda applies this attribute to other passenger vehicles of Mazda to achieve the responsive handling and performance aspect of the company's product philosophy.

Incorporating a series of significant improvements into the engine, body and suspension system, the new Roadster achieves "oneness between car and driver" at an even higher level. Monthly sales volume in Japan is expected to be approximately 500 units.

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Mazda Millenia Retail Vehicle Base Prices

Suggested Retail Vehicle Base Prices (Excluding Consumption Tax)

Mazda Millenia Vehicle

Engine Grade Tokyo/Hiroshima/
Sapporo Sendai Fukuoka Okinawa
V6 2000 20M 2,350 2,357 2,396 2,367 2,375 2,415
V6 2500 25M 2,650 2,657 2,696 2,667 2,675 2,715
25M Sports Package 2,755 2,762 2,801 2,772 2,780 2,820
25M Luxury Package 3,020 3,027 3,066 3,037 3,045 3,085

- All models are equipped with electronically controlled, four-speed automatic transmission (4EAT).
- All models are equipped with cold-weather specifications.
- Snow white pearl mica body color: add 30,000 yen. Snow white pearl mica/silky white pearl mica two-tone body color: add 60,000 yen. Other two-tone schemes: add 30,000 yen.
- To add the Mazda Telematics Center-compatible DVD car navigation system to the 25M luxury package: add 212,000 yen. For all other versions: add 240,000 yen.

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Mazda Millenia Improved Safety

In addition to improved maneuvering stability and braking performance, based on the Mazda theme of "Dynamic DNA," the new Millenia also provides new active safety features such as Electronically- controlled Braking force Distribution system (EBD)-except for the 4WS-equipped models. The reinforced body is filled in strategic spots with the world's first high-strength resin foam plastic. This highly rigid and safe body combines with passive safety features such as Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) side airbags with special head protection.

Mazda Millenia Improved Safety
Active Safety Features
- The defroster ducts and grilles have been redesigned to improve the performance of the climate control system and improve the effectiveness of windshield defogging. Also, the windshield wiper blades are made of fluorine-coated rubber for improved visibility when raining.
- All models are equipped with brake assist as a standard feature. EBD is also standard on all models except for those equipped with 4WS. Traction Control System (TCS) is standard on the 25M luxury package as well as 25M versions equipped with 4WS. It is available as an option on the 25M and 25M sports package.

Passive Safety Features
- Strategic spots in the body frame are filled with the world's first high-strength resin foam plastic, developed by Mazda. This technology provides increased strength and substantially improves safety in the event of a collision. The center pillars are filled in places with high-strength foam plastic to prevent localized bending and more effectively disperse the forces of an impact with very little increase in weight. This design enhancement ensures better passenger protection in case of a side collision. The highly rigid and safe body has front and rear crush zones for greater cabin strength.
- All models have driver- and passenger-side SRS airbags as standard equipment. SRS side airbags with special head protection are standard on all versions except the 20M (On the 20M they are available as a factory option).

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Mazda Millenia Craftsmanship Higher Quality

The superb quality of elements such as the exquisitely crafted instrument panel, created using powder slash molding, has already been widely praised, and the new Millenia raises the level of quality still higher.

Mazda Millenia 1995
In response to customer demand, the doors now open and close with a more solid, quality feel, and the switches and other controls are easier to see. The fine craftsmanship that went into the new Millenia is apparent throughout.
- The nighttime illumination of the audio system, door locks, and other items is now all a refined white hue. It provides both excellent legibility and a luxurious, high-grade look. The lettering on controls of systems such as the climate control system has been enlarged for improved legibility.
- The configuration of the insertion blade and buckle for the front seatbelts has been changed to make them easier to fasten.
- The upper portion of the backs of the reclining front seat has an added depression to provide a closer, more comfortable match with the back of the person sitting in them, and to hold the persons more securely in place.
- The internal mechanism of the door latches has been altered to provide a more solid sound when the door is closed. Also, vibration damping sheets have been applied to the door panels to enable the outer and inner door handles operate more smoothly.
- The sound the trunk lid makes when being closed has been improved, and enhancements have been added to prevent water from dripping into the trunk if being opened while it is raining.
- The pillars as well as the front and rear headers are urethane-filled to further eliminate extraneous noise.

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Mazda Millenia Enhanced Practicality, Comfort

The new Millenia features plenty of storage space and a new upgradeable audio system for even more practicality and comfort.

Mazda Millenia Comfort
- The center console configuration has been completely revamped. Two new cup holders, with lids, are located behind the automatic transmission shift lever for easy access from the front seats. The cup holders for the rear seat passengers are equipped with adapters that allow them to hold a variety of different types of containers, including plastic beverage bottles.
- There is a two-level oversized console box. The upper compartment has a convenient tray for storing a mobile phone, sunglasses, or the like, while the main lower compartment is large enough to store ten CDs with their label sides facing upward. The main compartment is also equipped with an accessory socket that can be used to supply power to a mobile phone or portable computer.
- The ashtrays have been enlarged and the compartment for cigarette butts can be removed easily.
- A fully automatic climate control system including an air filter with aldehyde removal is standard equipment on all versions.
- The audio system contains separable audio components. This makes it easy to add more functions in the future, such as an audio cassette tape deck or an MD player. This audio system configuration shows a new concept that the user can add to the audio system new components including the advanced audio appliance that supports the digital music distribution systems. This Mazda-original audio system provides a new level of post-purchase extensibility.

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Mazda Millenia Advanced Information Service

Mazda has developed and made available an information service for customers called "Mazda Telematics Center" that combines the functionality of both the Internet and the car's navigation system. A DVD car navigation system compatible with Mazda Telematics is available on the new Millenia as a factory option.

Mazda Millenia navigation functions
Once the customer signs up for the service, the functions listed below are available with no application fee and no annual fee. Car navigation functions and Internet access via the center require a mobile phone. Mazda Telematics is the first information service offered by a car manufacturer to be compatible with the i-mode service from NTT DoCoMo. A wide array of services are available through the i-mode system.
- Using the car navigation system the user can search for restaurants, hotels, recreational facilities, and scenic spots; set specific driving courses; and access news and weather information.
- The user can also access web sites on the Internet via the car navigation system as well as send and receive e-mail. Each Mazda Telematics member is assigned his/her own e-mail address.
- Users can obtain information on various facilities and set driving courses from their home computers before setting out.
- Its communication cost can be reduced by using the packet telecommunication.

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Driving Pleasure, Dynamic DNA

Mazda has established "Dynamic DNA" as a theme for all its passenger vehicles to embody the responsive handling and performance. The aim is to achieve a new level of driving pleasure, which gives the feel of oneness between car and driver. To make this a reality, Mazda has focused on the following areas of driving performance: precise steering and handling; responsive and linear braking; and composed and confident ride.

Mazda Millenia Driving Pleasure
The new Millenia incorporates improvements to its suspension, steering system, body, and brakes designed to realize the Mazda "Dynamic DNA" ideal. Driving, cornering, and braking performance have all been enhanced, resulting in the level of handling stability and smooth ride one would expect from a true luxury sedan.
- The body has been substantially reinforced in many places, with high bend and torsion rigidity. In addition, the links between the four-wheel multi-link suspension and the body have been reinforced, the geometry modified, and the damping force optimized for even more precise and nimble responsiveness. Straight-line stability and rolling feel have been improved for an overall feel of stability and excellent maneuverability. The steering system features more rigid torsion bars and further fine tuning of the power steering mechanism. This provides smooth and direct steering responsiveness at all speeds. The new Millenia provides excellent maneuvering stability and the comfortable ride one expects from a luxury sports sedan.
- The 25M sports package provides a sportier look featuring a rear stabilizer as well as 17-inch tires and aluminum wheels.
- Four-wheel steering (4WS) is standard on the 25M luxury package and available as an option, along with a rear stabilizer, on the 25M.
- Braking performance is improved through the employment of oversized 16-inch front disc brakes. Also, the vacuum boosters have been fine tuned for more responsive and linear braking characteristics.
- Two V-6 DOHC engine options are available: 2.5 liter and 2.0 liter. Both provide high output and smooth running performance.
- Revised shift-scheduling enables easier shifting in acceleration improving performance.

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Sporty, Elegant Exterior and Roomy, Luxurious Interior

Based on Mazda's design theme of "contrast in harmony," elements of the exterior such as the hood, front fenders, and headlights have been substantially modified, resulting in a sportier, more high-class look.

- The new pentagonal "five-point grille" with the Mazda logo in its center for the distinctive Mazda family appearance.
- The sharp, decisive lines of the hood project a sense of speed and vitality. The lines continue on the surface of the headlights, resulting in a unique, solid-looking headlight design.
- The rear combination-lamps have a luxurious and integrated appearance.
- The 25M sports package features chrome plated 17-inch aluminum wheels. Other versions are equipped with 16-inch aluminum wheels.
- A total of seven exterior colors are available, including new colors such as platinum silver metallic and supreme blue mica.
- Two interior color schemes are available: gray moquette fabric and beige genuine leather. Both have a bright two-tone look that accentuates the feeling of roominess and high quality.
- High-contrast instrument meters with black backgrounds and illuminated needles and lettering provide improved legibility and a deluxe look.

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New Millenia Major Features

1. Sporty and elegant exterior: featuring newly designed hood and other elements in line with Mazda's design theme of "contrast in harmony;" roomy, luxurious interior with the two-tone color scheme.
2. Driving pleasure that gives the feel of oneness between car and driver: thanks to performance improvements.
3. DVD navigation system compatible with "Mazda Telematics" information service: can also use NTT DoCoMo's i-mode service.
4. More storage space and a new upgradeable audio system: with more storage space and a new upgradeable audio system that allows the user to add additional features later, including compatibility with the forthcoming digital music distribution systems.
5. Higher quality through craftsmanship: can be seen in the numerous enhancements to the interior and exterior.
6. Improved safety: due to a reinforced body filled with the world's first high-strength foam plastic.

new Mazda Millenia
(*1) To connect to the Mazda Telematics service using a compatible car navigation system, the "Mazda Telematics adapter (which includes a hands-free kit)," which is available as a dealer option, and a mobile phone (cdma-One and PHS models are not compatible) are required. Note that telephone connection fees and Internet provider usage fees are the responsibility of the user.
(*2) "i-mode" is a registered trademark of NTT DoCoMo Corporation. Mazda Telematics has no connection with NTT DoCoMo Corporation. To use the i-mode service, "800 M digital contract," a packet communications service contract, and an i-mode contract are all required. Also, an i-navi link-compatible i-mode mobile handset and "i-mode adapter (sold separately)" are necessary.

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Mazda Millenia, Luxurious Sporty Sedan

Mazda's Millenia, a luxurious sporty sedan, has undergone major improvements. Going on sale today at Mazda and Mazda Anfini dealerships throughout Japan, these enhancements include a modified interior and exterior and enhanced driving dynamics.

Sedan Mazda Millenia
The interior of the Millenia features elegantly attractive styling as well as superb functionality and comfort. The four-wheel multi-link suspension and V-6 engine provide ample power, while the overall design projects the stylish, insightful and spirited Mazda brand personality. The Millenia has received high praise in Japan and overseas.

The new Millenia incorporates changes based on the comments and requests of Mazda customers, and on the key product development concepts of "distinctive design," "exceptional functionality" and "responsive handling and performance." As Mazda's luxurious, sporty sedan, the Millenia develops these themes to a new level of perfection. The exterior is even more sporty thanks to modifications such as a new hood configuration. In keeping with the idea of "Dynamic DNA," a common theme among Mazda's passenger vehicles, the body and suspension have all been upgraded to provide enhanced performance and ride comfort that one expects in a luxury sedan. The result is a new level of driving pleasure, in which the driver feels "oneness between car and driver." The Millenia is also equipped with a DVD navigation system(*1) that is compatible with the "Mazda Telematics" information service that can also use NTT DoCoMo's i-mode(*2) service. Sales of 400 units per month are anticipated.

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Philosophy Makes Driving Fun

To make its cars distinctive, Mazda Motor Corporation concentrates on three areas: Design DNA, Packaging DNA and Dynamic DNA.
Mazda Driving Fun
Through Design DNA, Mazda engineers use the "contrast in harmony" design theme and five-point grille to give Mazda vehicles a distinctive look.

Through Package DNA, Mazda engineers build into the cars thoughtful ergonomic features such as easy-to-reach switches, spacious interiors and flexible seat arrangements for excellent functionality.

For the new Millenia and Roadster, Mazda engineers focused especially on responsive handling and performance, which Mazda defines as Dynamic DNA.

Through Dynamic DNA, Mazda engineers make cars fun to drive. They define Dynamic DNA as the concept of delivering driving pleasure through a feeling of "oneness between car and driver," including responsive handling and performance. To achieve the "oneness" feeling, Mazda engineers seek the total balance of driving dynamics, including responsiveness and linear character for accelerating and braking. In the performance field, Mazda has achieved a high reputation in the concept of pursuing driving pleasure with the "oneness" feeling embodied in sports cars, like Roadster and RX-7.

"Dynamic DNA covers four areas-handling and steering, braking, ride and performance feel," said Philip R. Martens, managing director in charge of Product Planning, Design and Programs. "In the first area, we aim for 'preciseness.' The vehicle should follow the line where the driver is aiming the car, reflecting the driver's steering input in any situation while continuously providing positive feedback."

Drivers of all new Mazda passenger cars, including the new Millenia and the new Roadster, will experience the refined driving pleasure that comes from Mazda's Dynamic DNA commitment.

The new Millenia and Roadster feature major enhancements to its suspension, steering system brakes and body, resulting in more comfort and driving pleasure.

"The new Millenia and the new Roadster will bring back the joy and feeling of your first driving experience," Martens added. "Driving dynamics are what truly separates these cars from the competition."

Mazda has adopted "new ideas that stir your emotions" as its brand message. Mazda defines its brand essence as "stylish," "insightful" and "spirited" through "distinctive design," "exceptional functionality," and "responsive handling and performance."

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Friday, July 14, 2000

Price estimates for new cars, used cars

On July 19, Mazda Motor Corporation's website will offer two new customer services -- price estimates for new cars and model searches for used cars. Customers can also register online for Mazda's web-designated program. Targeting the fast-growing Internet audience, Mazda believes these new services will establish closer two-way communication with customers. Here's how it works:

Mazda used car
1. Price estimate: new cars
Mazda has set up a network of dealers throughout Japan who will offer online price estimates for all passenger vehicle models.
2. Model search: used cars
This service offers customers Internet access to a large database of used cars. Customers can also use the site to ask a dealer to find a model that they want.
3. Registration for 'Mazda Web Members'
Mazda website members will enjoy a number of benefits including free gifts, discount options, information about car maintenance and outdoor activities.
4. Registration for 'MM Project' members
Mazda is the first Japanese automaker to set up a permanent website for registered members for the purpose of studying customers' needs. This website allows customers to become a member of the program known as the "MM Project."

Mazda's website has a new look, too. The site has become more user-friendly, featuring an easy-to-view design and excellent accessibility.

Mazda's Internet marketing efforts have already brought about several achievements. Here are some of the highlights of Mazda's innovative use of the Internet:

- Mazda announced a sales alliance with CarPoint (November 1999).
- In showcasing the Internet limited version "web-tuned@DEMIO" on the Internet, Mazda became the first automaker to offer trade-in inspections and credit checks using e-mail (January 2000).
- Mazda established its own Internet Marketing department (March 2000).
- Mazda announced a sales alliance with Autobytel (June 2000).

The latest services, available July 19, help customers find a vehicle that they really want by giving them the information they need.

"This new website will enhance our relationship with customers," said Mark Fields, President of Mazda Motor Corporation. "We will bring new features to our website in the future. We are determined to remain the leader in this field."

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Thursday, July 13, 2000

Mazda Roadster in Guinness World Records

Mazda Roadster has been certified as the world's top selling light weight open two-seater sports car model by the Guinness World Records of the U.K. The production of the Roadster was started in April 1989. Cumulative production is 565,779 units (as of the end of June 2000), and still growing. Roadster is known as MX-5 in Europe and Miata in North America.

Mazda Roadster in Guinness
The Roadster made its debut at the Chicago Auto Show in February 1989. Since then, the Roadster has gained strong support among users worldwide who love sports cars. There are a number of fan clubs in Japan and overseas run by Roadster enthusiasts.

The Guinness certification was obtained in May 2000 after applying to Guinness World Records last November when the cumulative production of 500,000 units was marked. "This certification means that the Roadster required only ten years after the start of production to "prove itself established as the world's top brand of sports cars," said Mark Fields, President of Mazda.

According to the Guinness World Record Limited, the keeper of the Records will now consider this record for entry into the world's biggest selling copyright book, Guinness World Records itself.

The Guinness Book of Records published by Guinness World Records Limited is a world-famous book that records feats accepted as the greatest in the world in various fields, including sports, culture and industry. Guinness published its first edition in 1955.

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