Wednesday, March 21, 2001

Mazda Announces FY2002

Mazda has announced the following plan for FY2002 campus recruitment for engineering/administrative positions. In accordance with the Millennium Plan(*), a total of 140 engineering/administrative personnel will be recruited, which is an increase over the 2001 plan.

Mazda Announces FY2002

Mazda Announces FY2002

The number of female employees will be increased for engineering positions. Mazda will assign a female recruitment officer to promote recruitment activities for female engineers. We will also continue all year round job-category-based recruiting to hire highly skilled and potential students for administrative positions from both Japanese and overseas universities.

Information on the recruitment plan will be available over the Internet from March 22, 2001.

Recruitment Plan
Prospective Employees
University, Graduate school,
Technical, Junior and
Vocational college
Engineering 120 103
Administrative 20 15
Total 140 118
High School Production
(Mazda Junior College)
(Undecided) 45
Production (General) (Undecided) 155
Total (Undecided) 200

-In addition to the above plan, approximately 30 medical staff (22 in spring 2001) will be employed.

* = The Mid-Term Plan, which was announced November 2000.

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