Thursday, May 24, 2001

Mazdaspeed Roadster and Familia

Mazda Motor Corporation announces the release of limited edition versions of the convertible sports car "Roadster" and compact four-door sedan "Familia." Designed to offer improved driving performance, the Mazdaspeed Roadster and Mazdaspeed Familia are available today at dealerships throughout Japan.

Mazdaspeed Roadster

Mazdaspeed Roadster

Mazda defines "the driving pleasure of feeling at one with the vehicle" as "dynamic (driving) DNA," a common characteristic for all Mazda cars. The goal is to achieve a feeling of oneness between car and driver by providing a high level of integrated balance in basic functions such as accelerating, cornering, and stopping.

Mazdaspeed Familia

Mazdaspeed Familia

The new Mazdaspeed Roadster and Mazdaspeed Familia offer improved performance thanks to the modified specifications associated with the Mazdaspeed brand*. This further enhances fun-to-drive feeling.

The Mazdaspeed Roadster employs a damper that drivers can adjust easily among four levels to match driving conditions. It also features an exhaust manifold that provides improved exhaust efficiency and a "sporty sound" muffler for a distinctive sports car exhaust sound.

Mazda engineers equipped Mazdaspeed Familia with the 2.0-liter DOHC engine previously offered only on the S-Wagon Sport 20, and they have specially tuned on the model for improved dynamic performance. In addition, they have added large-diameter tires and a specially developed suspension system to enhance maneuvering stability. Large-diameter brake rotors deliver improved braking performance.

Finally, Mazda has equipped both limited edition models with aerodynamic parts and a distinctive exterior color scheme that features a blue body and gold wheels. The interiors also have special touches designed to add a sporty feel.

Mazda plans to produce 200 units of the limited edition Mazdaspeed Roadster, and 100 of the Mazdaspeed Familia.

* Mazda designs and develops tuning parts and accessories for the motor sports market under the Mazdaspeed brand.

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