Monday, November 17, 1997

New Capella Wagon features

Mazda Motor Corporation today introduced its completely redesigned new Capella Wagon through Mazda and Mazda Anfini sales channels in Japan.

The new Capella Wagon has been also developed under "Flexible-space Capella" concept of the Capella Sedan, which is highly acclaimed for its large interior space realized by the "Upright packaging" or other excellent features. The new Capella Wagon, a new-generation station wagon with "people always come first" concept, has a comfortable cabin.

In the traditional station wagons, the space, which is enlarged from their base sedan models, is used only for the luggage space. In the new Capella Wagon, the space gained by the stretched wheelbase and raised vehicle height contributes to the expansion of the passenger compartment. It is also equipped with various seat arrangements for comfortable and functional use of its roomy interior space.

While incorporating the various features for the world top level safety or convenient functions and equipment, the new Capella Wagon represents excellent value for money.

The new Capella Wagon has the following three main features:

1. "Super arrangement cabin" for comfortable seating for all passengers and versatile space arrangement.

2. "World top level safety" realized by the highly rigid and safe body, "Mazda Advanced Impact Distribution and Absorption System" and the SRS (*1) side airbag system with head protection.

3. "Excellent performance in high-speed and long-range driving" achieved by the D-Burn (diluted burn) engines with superior fuel economy and low emissions, and a V6 engine which realizes a smooth driving.

Monthly sales target of new Capella Wagon is 3,000 units.

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