Wednesday, March 29, 2000

Polyethylene telephtalate

Mazda will start to use uniforms that are made of "fabric recycled from plastic bottle made from polyethylene telephtalate (PET)" for production employees in April. Mazda has been taking various corporate actions, which are "aiming to promote environmental protection and contribute to a better society", and the adoption of the plastic bottle made from PET fabric is part of these environmental actions. The fabric used is a blend of 70 % plastic bottle made from PET recycled material and 30% of cotton. To make one uniform set with plastic bottle made from PET recycled fabric, approximately ten 2-litre plastic bottles made from PET are needed. Among newly hired employees who will join Mazda in April, approximately 400 production and engineering workers will start to wear this uniform. Current employees who are in charge of engineering, development or production will change to these new uniforms when their current uniforms need to be replaced.

With the adoption of this new uniform, we will put an "Eco-mark" recognized by the Japan Environmental Association on the upper part of the right arm sleeve of the uniform, and an "environmental symbol mark" by which we appeal our environmental conservation activities, on the same part of the left sleeve, to enhance our recognition of the environment. In addition, we will change the corporate mark put on the left side of the chest to one that incorporates the brand symbol.

While Mazda has been making efforts to develop cars using clean energy, including fuel cell cars, we also have been taking actions actively for the reduction of CO2 emissions, recycling of resources and effective use of by-product materials that are brought by production activities. In addition, in order to contribute to the creation of a cleaner society and establish a system by which we can correctly control the environment, the Nishinoura Plant in Hofu acquired the certification of ISO14001 in September 1998, and our goal is to receive the same certification for all facilities in the Hiroshima district by this June.

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