Tuesday, August 22, 2000

Urban Break S, MPV Series

Mazda MPV Urban Break S

1. More variety: two new 2.0-liter engine models
- The "Urban Break S" and "Urban Break" models are based on the two-wheel-drive 2.0-liter engine "B" model. The major differences from the base model are listed below.

[Features commonly found in "Urban Break S" and "Urban Break"]
- Audio system incorporating a CD player, an audio cassette tape deck, an AM/FM radio tuner and four speakers.
- Dark-tinted glass for all rear windows-side, quarter and lift gate.
- Outer door handles and side protector moldings coated in the same color as the body.
- Jacquard moquette seat surface originally used for the 2.5-liter V6 deluxe model.
- Front seat armrests, driver's seat front tilt and hip-point lifter.
- Optional AV navigation system and special audio sound system incorporating a high-powered amplifier and nine speakers.
[Features only in "Urban Break S"]
- Front, side, and rear under-spoilers and rear roof spoiler.
- Front fog lamps and 15-inch aluminum wheels.
Note: All features are equipped as a standard on each model except an AV navigation system and special audio sound system incorporating a high-powered amplifier and nine speakers.

2. Enhanced standard equipment
- Air filter with aldehyde removal (all models).
- 16-inch tires, aluminum wheels and front fog lamps for an even sportier appearance; audio system incorporating a high-powered amplifier and nine speakers and an auto cruise control system for more comfortable driving experience (Deluxe "L").
- CD player ("Sports," the best-selling model).
- High-capacity batteries and anti-frozen wiper motors (New for all two-wheel-drive models. All the four-wheel-drive models have been already cold-weather-enhanced).

3. New color schemes
- Wider color variation: six outer panel color choice for all models.
- Two new outer panel colors, Pure White and Sunlight Silver Metallic.
- Black Mica coated aerodynamic parts available on "Sports" and "Urban Break S" models.
- Two two-toned outer panel colors: Pure White & Silky Pearl Mica and Sunlight Silver Metallic & Gentry Silver Metallic available on certain models.

4. Revised model configuration
- The following grade name changes have occurred: Standard MPV to B; Package G to G; Package Sports to Sports; and Package L to L.
- The Standard four-wheel-drive model has been removed from the lineup.

- Suggested Retail Prices (Sales tax not included) (Unit: 1,000 yen)

Drive Engine Model Tokyo; Nagoya;
Osaka; Hiroshima
Sapporo Sendai Yamaguchi Fukuoka
2WD 2.0-liter:
B 2,078 2,123 2,099 2,096 2,103
Urban Break 2,208 2,253 2,229 2,226 2,233
Urban Break S 2,298 2,343 2,319 2,316 2,323
G 2,298 2,343 2,319 2,316 2,323
Sports 2,498 2,543 2,519 2,516 2,523
L 2,668 2,713 2,689 2,686 2,693
4WD 2.5-liter:
G 2,548 2,593 2,569 2,566 2,573
Sports 2,738 2,783 2,759 2,756 2,763
L 2,918 2,963 2,939 2,936 2,943

* Add 26 for two-toned outer panel color models.
* All the models are cold-weather enhanced.
* Four-wheel-drive cold-weather models are equipped with high-capacity batteries, anti-frozen wiper motors and heat-defrosting side mirrors.

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