Tuesday, November 21, 2000

CNG-Powered Titan

Mazda Motor Corporation has introduced a compressed natural gas (CNG)-powered Titan, a 2.0-ton cargo capacity, full-wide-low flat body truck model. The CNG-powered Titan goes on sale today at Mazda and selected Mazda Anfini dealerships throughout Japan.

CNG-Powered Mazda Titan
Natural gas, which consists of primarily methane, is an excellent alternative energy source that produces very little CO2 when burned. Aware of this energy trend, Mazda has proactively pursued development of CNG-powered vehicles.

Like other Titan models, the CNG-powered Titan features a roomy interior, providing a pleasant driving environment. It is powered by a 4.0-Liter CNG engine, a modification of Mazda's 4.0-Liter diesel. An on-board computer maintains an optimal vaporized fuel ratio and a special catalyst reduces the exhaust emissions of hydrocarbons and NOx.

In the rear portion of the CNG-powered Titan are two fuel canisters, split and mounted on the chassis frame on both sides. This configuration enables the best-in-class* fuel tank capacity of 227 liters. Together, these tanks can contain 45.4 cubic meters of natural gas, the amount that allows the CNG Titan to go 290 km in urban areas (measured on the flat body model by Mazda). The total engine output is 81 kW (110 PS), roughly the same as the diesel model. Its maximum torque is 300 Nm (30.6 kg-m) to provide plenty of power and quiet operation.

Mazda, which will also offer CNG-powered Titans specially equipped as garbage trucks, expects to sell 50 units per year in Japan.

CNG-powered Titan buyers are eligible for a substantial purchase subsidy (50% of the difference in price between the base model and the purchase model) based on the MITI clean energy vehicle promotion project.

* Trucks with a maximum cargo-hauling capacity of 2.0 tons.

- Manufacturer's suggested retail prices (not including sales tax) (Unit: 1,000 yen)
Engine Specification Tokyo
Osaka Nagoya Sapporo Sendai Yamaguchi Fukuoka
CNG model
2.0-ton cargo-hauling capacity; standard cabin; standard body; full-wide-low 4,616 4,666 4,651 4,741 4,656 4,691 4,696
2.0-ton cargo-hauling capacity; standard cabin; high-floor low-frame chassis (for garbage truck model) 4,423 4,473 4,458 4,548 4,463 4,498 4,503

- Add 10,000 yen for cold region specification.
- Standard body full-wide-low model without cargo compartment costs 146,000 yen less.

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