Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Turn your MX-5 into a stylish all-season tourer. Easily attached and removed. Color-matched to your MX-5's interior and exterior.

Mazda MX-5 Miata Hardtop

Description Part Number Price
True Red (A4A) NFY2-R1-81XE-11 $3,099.00
Sunlight Silver (22V)
Marble White (A5M)
Copper Red (32V) NFY2-R1-81XE-74 $3,099.00
Brilliant Black (A3F)
NFY2-R1-81XE-75 $3,099.00
Velocity Red (27A)
NFY2-R1-81XE-87 $3,099.00
Galaxy Gray (32S)
NFY2-R1-81XE-91 $3,099.00
Winning Blue (27B)
NFY2-R1-81XE-94 $3,099.00
Nordic Green (27C)
NFY2-R1-81XE-97 $3,099.00

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