Wednesday, February 3, 2010

MAZDA Furai Concept

Mazda Furai Concept car

Mazda Furai Concept car

The Mazda Furai

1200HP R20B RENESIS 3 Rotor Engine

Nagare line Mazda Furai

X-trac 6 speed semi-automatic

Courage C65 LMP2 platform Mazda Furai

based on Courage C65 LMP2 platform

3-rotor wankel engine Mazda Furai

3-rotor wankel engine 1,200 brake horsepower ~890 kW

Mazda Nagare line Furai

2008 Detroit Auto Show - Mazda Nagare line


  1. And I thought the RX-7 was the best they had, watch out LFA!

  2. damn're about 3 yrs behind

  3. i wonder if they can tweak it to beat a
    Bugatti Veyron Super Sport

  4. I wonder, if they can tweak a veyron super sport to beat this beast on the track. the furai is the better car, plus: it revs way higher than the veyron.


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