Thursday, June 21, 2001

Mazda Hofu Plant

Mazda Motor Corporation today held a ceremony at Hofu plant, to celebrate the number of automobile transmissions manufactured at the plant (Nakanoseki district, Yamaguchi Prefecture) reaching a cumulative total of 20 million units. Some 550 people, including Mr. Shimono, General Manager of the Hofu plant, employees and business partners participated in the ceremony, and celebrated the achievement.

Mazda Hofu Plant
Transmissions Manufactured at Mazda Hofu Plant

In December 1981, the Hofu plant (Nakanoseki district) began the production of automatic transmissions for Ford, and the production of manual transmissions for Mazda* in September 1982. Of the 20 million units, 8,750,000 units were manufactured for Mazda, with 11,250,000 units for Ford. Transmissions included 6,300,000 manual transmissions for front wheel drive vehicles, 8,700,000 automatic transmissions for front wheel drive vehicles, and 5,000,000 manual transmissions for rear wheel drive vehicles.

At the Hofu plant, Nakanoseki district began its operation in 1981, followed by Nishinoura district, which produces vehicles, in 1982. The Hofu plant aims to improve customer satisfaction by offering high quality vehicles as a "People-Friendly Automotive Plant," focusing on saving on resources, environmental conservation and the working environment. Nishinoura district obtained ISO14001 certification in1998, with Nakanoseki district being certified in 1999. In addition to this, the plant is promoting community clean-up activities as a part of their "Caring for Hofu Activities" and participating in "Caring for Hofu Flea Market," to make an active contribution to the community.

*Transmissions for Mazda vehicles and Ford vehicles manufactured by Mazda.

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