Wednesday, July 18, 2001

FM-G AZ-Wagon

Mazda Motor Corporation has added a new special edition of the AZ-Wagon micro-mini vehicle. Commemorating the 12th anniversary of the Mazda Autozam dealership chain, new FM-G Limited goes on sale today at Mazda Autozam dealerships throughout Japan.

Mazda AZ-Wagon FM-G
FM-G Limited AZ-Wagon: Two-Wheel-Drive Column 4AT Model

FM-G Limited, based on the FM-G model equipped with an air conditioner, keyless entry system and power windows, also offers other high-class features. It includes an MD/CD audio system (cassette players and AM/FM radio), driver and passenger side SRS* airbags, remote controlled retracting electric side mirrors, and dark tinted glass (rear door and rear quarter windows, back door window) at an affordable price. FM-G Limited delivers an even more youthful and lively feel.

Mazda Limited AZ-Wagon
Limited AZ-Wagon

All AZ-Wagon models are certified according to the "excellent low emissions (50% lower emissions than the 2000 standard )." In addition, all two-wheel-drive models, and the four-wheel-drive five-speed manual-transmission models meet the 2010 fuel efficiency standards, allowing them to qualify for the "Clean Tax Incentive" system set by the Japanese government. Under this system, buyers are entitled to a 9,000 yen reduction in the vehicle acquisition tax (on vehicles delivered through March 31, 2002).

The FM-G Limited is available in three body colors: Cyprus Blue Metallic (new), Pearl White and Silky Silver Metallic.

* SRS: Supplemental Restraint System

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