Tuesday, February 1, 2000


Mazda Motor Corporation today launched limited editions of its micromini vehicles AZ-Wagon and Laputa. Named "AZ-Wagon RR-FS Turbo POPPER" and "Laputa X POPPER," they are targeted at young customers, especially those graduating from university this spring. Sales start today at Mazda Autozam dealers (including Autozam dealerships) throughout Japan.

Mazda AZ-Wagon
Mazda AZ-Wagon

The AZ-Wagon and Laputa offer superior flexibility and economy as micromini vehicles along with their unique styling and high driving performance. Both express the distinctive characteristics associated with Mazda's brand personality-- "Stylish", "Insightful", and "Spirited" -- and have been highly acclaimed by customers.

The "AZ-Wagon RR-FS Turbo POPPER" is based on the sporty-look "RR-F turbo" model with a four-speed column-style automatic transmission. An AM/FM radio with CD/cassette stereo sound system which is a popular feature among young people was added to the new model. Unique features to this limited edition model, are the specially designed aluminum wheels and seat fabric, providing a more stylish exterior and interior. In addition, the vehicle's specifications have been reexamined and the price has been lowered by 68,000 yen off the base model (two-wheel-drive model).

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