Tuesday, February 22, 2000

Mazda made plans spring 2001

Mazda made plans for spring 2001 for recruiting new graduates to engineering/administrative positions as follows.
The recruitment plans for engineering/administrative employees are almost equivalent to the 2000 plan as shown in the table below.
The characteristics of next year's recruitment activities are;
(1) Recruitment activities using the Internet reinforced.
· Entries and information such as employment guides will be provided only by the Internet.
(2) Job-Category-based recruiting will be continued for all administrative positions and some engineering positions.
(3) Year-round recruitment continued.

Information on recruitment plan over the Internet is planned to start in the late February.

. 2001
University /Graduate SchoolTechnical college/Junior collegeVocational college Engineering 100 100
Administrative 15 13
Total 115 113
High School Production
(Mazda Junior College.)
(Undecided) 45
Production (General) (Undecided) 255
Total (Undecided) 300

*In addition to above plan, about 30 medical staffs will be employed. (For spring 2000, 25 medical staffs are expected.)

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