Wednesday, August 20, 1997

New Capella Upright Packaging

The new Capella has a compact body within the "5-number size" dimensions in 4,575 mm overall length and 1,695 mm overall width. Its "Upright Packaging" with a taller overall height and higher hip points for passengers offers greater comfort and a more functional cabin space.

1. Comfortable cabin environment with less fatigue
* Its overall height of 1,440mm (1,455mm for 4WD models), which is relatively taller in its class, and higher seating positions provides the passengers with greater ease of entry and exit. Its higher view point also gives excellent field of vision.
* The new Capella's upright angle of the seatbacks let the passenger to sit up straight. It realized the comfortable cabin environment with less fatigue even in the long drives.
* The seat height adjuster of the driver's seat, which can adjust the front and rear of the cushion independently, enables the right driving position for each individual.

2. Functional and spacious cabin
* Sufficient interior length created by its upright seating position and taller overall height realize a spacious cabin.
* The raised seating position enables the higher rear deck without obstructing the rearward view. In addition, the rear seatback with the upright angle results in a large-capacity 502-liter (measured by VDA standard) trunk.

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