Wednesday, August 20, 1997

New Capella Arrangeable cabin

Offering much more versatility as well as fundamental features with a variety of seating layouts, plenty of storage space, etc., the new Capella gives the customers pleasure and comfort which conventional sedans never have.

1. Versatile seat arrangement which can be utilized like wagon
* The front passenger seat incorporates the function called the "Space Up Seat" (standard on all models except type Ci); the seatback can be folded forward and a horizontal surface is created. The back side of the seat has a resin-finished panel and it can be used as a table. Having this seat folded also allows easier communication between the driver and passengers in the rear seat.
* he rear seat has a center armrest with the trunk-through function and 60-40 split fold-down seatback (standard on all models except Ci). Combined with the "Space Up Seat," these functions create an exceptionally versatile cabin which can even load a long object as long as 2.7 meters in spite of the sedan body. It meets the needs in daily use and weekend leisure activities regardless the purpose or number of passengers.

2. Plenty of storage space
* The new Capella is equipped with a large-capacity glove box, coin holder, folding cup holder and a storage space in front of the shift lever that holds 13 CDs in it.
* The front doors have capacious door pockets which can hold the large map book.
* The rear seat center armrest is equipped as standard (except type Ci) with cup holder for two cups and a storage compartment for small items.

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