Friday, August 8, 1997

Sales results 1997

Mazda European sales results for January to June of 1997 totaled 109,753 units, up 4.5% over the previous year, showing increases for two consecutive years.

The core Mazda 323 led off with sales of 53,344 units, an increase of 3.9% over the previous year, followed by the MX-5 with an increase of 4.7% at 5,998 units, the MX-3 with a 33.1% increase at 3,109 units, and the MPV with a 140.7% increase at 1,314 units. In commercial vehicles, sales of the E-series, and the B-series were both favorable pushing the total commercial vehicle sales to 6,788 units, an increase of 35.9%.

Countries with a high growth rate over the previous corresponding are as follows:

Spainup 105.6%
Finlandup 37.9%
Greeceup 70.0%
Italyup 30.5%
Swedenup 56.7%
UKup 30.1%
Czech Republicup 47.4%
Hungaryup 27.4%

Additionally, from April of 1996 to March of this year, the monthly sales results exceeded those of the same month of the previous year for 12 consecutive months.

These favorable results can be attributed to the European introduction of the New 323 3-door hatchback in early 1997, and enhancing the product strength of the MPV, MX-3 and MX-5.

Mazda is also anticipating that the start of sales of the new 626 in July of this year will help its European sales gain more momentum.

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