Wednesday, January 19, 2000

From Viewpoint of Children

The outline of the "Mazda Child Seat Project" campaign is as follows:

1. A "Child Seat Advisor" will be stationed at all Mazda, Mazda Anfini and Mazda Autozam dealerships. They will promote the customer's understanding of the regulation, and instruct them how to use of the child seat and how to select a suitable product. At the exhibition section of each dealership, we will also provide presentation boards, brochures, etc. with the campaign logo mark and character. To attract children's interest in the child seat, Mazda will use "Gonta-kun," a popular TV character from a children's program, as a campaign character to provide information to them.

2. In addition, the "Child Seat Caravan" event will be held in Yokohama and Osaka. At selected locations in these two cities, the "Child Seat Advisor" and a life-size campaign character will give demonstrations to visitors and allow the opportunity to experience the feeling of the child seat themselves with the simulated "Adult-size Child Seat." Mazda hopes this event helps customers fully understand the child seat from the viewpoint of children. The date and location of the event is as follows:

Date Location
Yokohama Feb. 19(sat) & 20(sun) Queen's Square Yokohama (Minato Mirai 21)
Osaka Mar. 4(sat) & 5(sun) Osaka D's Square (Umeda)

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