Thursday, January 18, 2001

Mazda Premacy i Incorporates Specially Lowered Floor

Mazda Motor Corporation today starts selling the disabled-accessible "Premacy i" at Mazda, Mazda Anfini and Mazda Autozam dealerships throughout Japan. This special equipped Premacy, introduced at the 34th Tokyo Motor Show, features a spacious interior, a detachable third-row bench seat and a specially lowered floor, which allow the caregiver to push a wheelchair easily into the vehicle.

Mazda Premacy i

Mazda Premacy i

With a retractable ramp in the tailgate, "Premacy i" enables a passenger in a wheelchair to enter or exit without getting out of the wheelchair. Premacy i also incorporates two separate second-row seats that double-fold and make it easy for the caregiver to assist the passenger in a wheelchair.

Highlights of "Premacy i" are:
1: A spacious interior to accommodate five adults comfortably (including the passenger in the wheelchair). With the third-row bench two-passenger seat, the vehicle can handle six adults
2: Wide space between two second-row seats that enables a caregiver in the second row to assist the person in the wheelchair in the rear of the vehicle
3: Spacious legroom for the person in the wheelchair
4: Specially lowered floor that offers the passenger in a wheelchair the same eye level as other passengers, making it easier to communicate with other passengers

Mazda plans to sell 220 units of "Premacy i" annually in Japan.

Mazda also serves the needs of people in wheelchairs and caregivers with the Mazda "Carol i," first introduced in 1995, the "AZ-Wagon i," first introduced in 1997, and the "Demio-i," first introduced in 1998. All of the "i-Series*" vehicles convey the theme, "more care, more convenience." Mazda Sangyo Co. Ltd, Mazda's affiliate company, is in charge of developing and producing Mazda's i-Series products.
* "i" is the Japanese pronunciation of the word "love."

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