Thursday, January 18, 2001

Premacy i Suggested Retail Prices

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Prices (Sales tax not included)

Mazda Premacy i Suggested Retail Prices

Mazda Premacy i Suggested Retail Prices

(Unit: 1,000yen)
Engine Drive
Grade Tokyo/Nagoya
Sapporo Sendai Fukuoka
2WD(FF) Standard 2,508 2,562 2,532 2,528
Standard;w/ side airbag 2,539 2,593 2,563 2,559
Package G 2,651 2,705 2,675 2,671
Package L 2,732 2,786 2,756 2,752
* All the models are wintry-weather enhanced.

Features of tailgate Built-in ramp; Lift-up gate
Loading area for wheelchair
(specially-lowered floor)
Grand clearance: 320mm
Tie-down system of wheelchair Standard electrical tie-down mechanism
Equipment for wheelchair occupant Two-point tie-down belt
Rear suspension Strut
Spare tire Interior-installed
Maximum allowed dimensions
and weight of wheelchair
Dimensions: 1,100mm (length)/650mm (width)/1,200mm (height). Ground clearance of step: 100mm. Length between step to front wheel shaft: 300mm. Inner width of caster: 380mm. Weight (including occupant): 160kg.

Model GF-CP8W modified
Body type Station wagon
Engine Water-cooling in-line 4-cylinder DOHC 16-valve
Displacement 1,839cc
Drive wheel/Transmission FF/4-speed automatic
Overall length/width/height 4,330mm/1,695mm/1,660mm
Curb weight 1,320Kg
Maximum capacity for occupant 5 (w/ wheelchair); 6 (w/o wheelchair)
Minimum ground clearance 150mm
Ground clearance of tailgate opening 1,280mm
Ground clearance of wheelchair compartment 1,300mm
Length of ramp 1,237mm
Width of ramp 670mm
Angle of ramp 11 °
Fuel tank capacity 43 Liter

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