Tuesday, January 30, 2001

Mazda Roadster 1800DOHC VS

Mazda Motor Corporation has received the "Auto Color Award 2001" Grand Pix from the Japan Fashion Color Association for the new "crystal blue metallic" color of the Mazda Roadster.

Mazda Roadster

Mazda Roadster new MX-5

The Association listed the following points in making its selection:
- The beautiful and clear tone of the blue agrees with trendy fashion colors and, at the same time, makes the curved shape of the Roadster even more attractive.
- The charming color gives an impression of being fresh, sophisticated, and active, making it suitable for the new century of bright hopes.
- Using two types of luster, aluminum and newly-developed mica, has brought out the expression of the color.
- The color innovates the sports car's image and beauty.

Mazda Roadsters desktop wallpaper

Mazda Roadsters desktop wallpaper

The "crystal blue metallic" color was developed as the new Roadster's theme color to support the "youthful and stylish" image. Among the seven exterior colors available for the Roadster, "crystal blue metallic" is the most popular, accounting for about 23% *2 of all Roadsters sold.

Auto Color Award 2001 Grand Prix

Auto Color Award 2001 Grand Prix

Originally introduced in 1989, Roadster continues to reflect the "oneness between car and driver" concept. The car features distinctive styling with its open air driving. Mazda has sold over 580,000*3 Roadsters worldwide since 1989. The Roadster was recognized recently as the world's top-selling lightweight, open two-seat sports car by Guinness World Records. With major changes in July 2000, the model enjoys strong sales throughout the world and continues to set new records.
*1: Given to the best color design of all cars released in Japan between November 1999 and October 2000.
*2: Percentage of sales since July 2000, when "crystal blue metallic" was used for the first time, to December 2000.
*3: From April 1989 to December 2000; cumulative production: 584,992 Roadsters.

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