Thursday, February 1, 2001

Build Your Mazda Roadster

Buying a new Mazda Roadster or S-WAGON just became easier, thanks to Mazda's new "Web-Tuned Factory"!

Build Your Mazda Roadster
Build Your Mazda Roadster

Effective Friday, February 2, visitors to the website can:

- Read about and choose the features they want
- Get an estimated price
- And schedule an appointment with a sales representative at the dealer of their choice

And, using their computer, they can do all of this - and more - from the convenience of their home or office. After reaching a decision, a customer visits the Mazda dealer of his choice to complete the "paperwork," including contract authorization, registration and delivery appointment. The Mazda dealer then forward the customer's order to Mazda for production.

"Mazda is the first Japanese automaker to launch a 'build-to-order' (BTO) system using the Internet," says Mark Fields, President of Mazda Motor Corporation. "We're calling our build-to-order models web-tuned@Roadster and web-tuned@S-WAGON."

Through "Web-Tuned Factory," customers can:

- ACCESS INFORMATION CONVENIENTLY - Customers can pull down and read about features, specifications and prices.
- ARRANGE TRADE-IN INSPECTION AND CREDIT APPROVAL*- Once customers get an estimated price at the website, they receive an ID number automatically. This number enables a customer to get information on a trade-in inspection and credit approval on their own web page.
- GET UPDATES ON PRODUCTION AND SHIPPING DATES - After completing the purchase contract, customers can check the status of the production and shipping of their car on the website.
- DELETE PACKAGE ITEMS, REDUCING THE PRICE - The BTO system lowers distribution and sales transaction costs, enabling Mazda and its dealers to offer lower retail prices.

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