Friday, April 6, 2001

Mazda CNG-Powered Titan Dash

Mazda Motor Corporation has introduced an environmentally friendly Titan Dash truck powered by compressed natural gas (CNG). Mazda released the original Titan Dash last October.

Mazda CNG-Powered Titan Dash

Mazda CNG-Powered Titan Dash

With a cargo capacity of 1.5 tons, a standard cab and a wide-low and long body, the CNG-powered Titan Dash goes on sale today at Mazda and selected Mazda Anfini dealerships throughout Japan.

Consisting primarily of methane, natural gas is a clean energy substance that has gained attention as an alternative to petroleum-based fuel resources. Mazda also offers a CNG-powered Demio.

The CNG-powered Titan Dash is based on the latest Titan Dash model, which offers a spacious, comfortable cabin. Its size is comparable to those in the 1.5-ton cargo capacity truck segment. The CNG Titan Dash also features the 2.0-liter CNG engine, which has been cost-effectively developed based on the original 2.0-liter petrol engine, an onboard computer that maintains an optimal vaporized fuel ratio and the special catalyst that dramatically reduces the CO and NOx exhaust emissions.

The two steel fuel canisters installed on the sides of the chassis frame can store 37 cubic meters of fuel (total tank capacity is 185 liters, 92.5 liters each tank.) Fully loaded with CNG, this Titan model can go up to 280 km in urban areas. Maximum engine power is 58 kW (79 PS)/5,000rpm and maximum torque is 145 Nm (14.8 kg-m)/2,500rpm.

The company expects to sell 35 units of the CNG-powered Titan Dash annually in Japan.

Buyers of the CNG-powered Titan Dash qualify for a substantial purchase subsidy (50% of the difference in price between the base model and the purchase model) based on the MITI clean energy vehicle promotion project.

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