Tuesday, June 9, 1998

Familia dynamic design

The new Familia reflects Mazda's new design theme of "contrast in harmony." It achieves the optimum balance between functionality and styling, featuring Mazda's newly designed family face with an independent front grille and intricately-shaped headlights, as well as surfaces with a feel of energy and stability.

Mazda Familia exterior design
Mazda Familia exterior design

(1) Exterior
The S-wagon's design theme is "dynamic and sporty." The forward slanting D-pillars, the rugged fender archline, and the wide tread create a powerful yet stable body. The roofline slopes downward toward the back and the rear window has an inverted pentagonal shape. All of this combines to give the car a sporty look.

The Sedan's design theme is "dynamic and formal." Like on the S-wagon, the fenderline and wide treads creates a powerful yet stable look.The sedan's styling features wide C-pillars and wedge-shaped side views to produce a more classic effect.

Mazda Familia interior design
Mazda Familia interior design

(2) Interior
S-wagon and sedan
The center portion of the instrument panel appears to curve outward slightly, and the area of the cloth portions of the door trim has been increased to give the interior a comfortable and refined feel. Also, often-used controls such as those for the audio system are located at the upper part of the instrument panel to increase ease of use and, in the interest of enhanced driving safety, reduce the amount the driver needs to move his or her line of vision in order to see them.

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