Tuesday, June 9, 1998

Familia main features

* Automatic air conditioning is standard on the R and R-4 S-wagon models and on the GS and RX sedans. Manual air conditioning is standard on the S and S-4 S-wagons and the JS and LS sedans (optional on the ES sedan).
* Anti-UV ray glass is used in the front doors of the S- wagons and in the front and rear doors and rear window of the sedans (all S-wagon models and all sedan models except the ES).
* Dark tinted glass is used on the rear doors, rear quarter windows, and rear window of the S-wagons (standard on the R and R-4 and optional on the S and S- 4).
* The power glass sunroof with tilt function is optional (R and R-4 models of the S-wagon and RX models of the sedan).
* TThe All-In-One AV Navigation System with VICS-compatible navigation system, AM/FM electronic tuner, cassette deck and CD deck is available as an option (all S-wagons and GS and RX sedans).
* The full-logic cassette deck with AM/FM electronic tuner is optional on the all S-wagon and JS and LS sedans. The AM/FM electronic tuner is standard on the LS and GS sedans and optional on the ES and JS sedans.
* The NARDI-manufactured leather-covered steering wheel with built-in airbag is available as an option (R and R-4 wagons and RX sedan).

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  1. The Familia series will be available in 4 body types: the current "3-door hatchback" and "Wagon" models; the newly introduced S-wagon and sedan models. These variations are sure to meet the needs of customers' diversifying lifestyles.


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