Tuesday, June 9, 1998

Familia world top level of safety

We have achieved a world top level of safety in both active safety, to prevent accidents, and passive safety, to minimize the impact received by passengers should an accident occur.

safety Mazda Familia
Mazda Familia - top level of safety

(1)Active safety
maru The elevated driver's position realizes a safer driving environment by affording a superb range of visibility and preventing fatigue during long travels.
maru Superior driving safety is achieved through the vehicle's handling stability and reliable braking system.
maru The four-wheel anti-lock braking system (4W-ABS) is standard equipment on all models. The choice of full-time or real-time four-wheel-drive systems enhances driving and braking stability even under poor conditions and provides exceptional capabilities for avoiding danger.
maru The A pillar gutter molding and door mirrors with rain control function prevent water from adhering to the side windows and mirror surfaces, increasing visibility during rainy weather.

(2)Passive safety
maru A highly rigid and safe MAGMA body
The highly rigid and safe MAGMA body consists of front and rear crumple zones that effectively absorb and disperse the energy from front or rear collisions along with a rigid cabin with a triple H structure that protects the passenger compartment during side impacts and rollovers. This body has met Japan's new Side Safety Collision Standards and satisfies the requirements of the latest European Collision Standards (offset front collision, side collision) slated to be introduced this fall.
maru Side impact bar and rear door catchpin
Side impact bars have been placed inside the front and rear doors and catchpins located on rear doors to minimize intrusion into the passenger compartment during a collision from the side.
maru SRS airbags for the driver's seat and the front passenger seat
The SRS airbag system for the driver's seat and front passenger seat is available for all models. (It is standard on all models except for the passenger seat on the ES sedan, where it is an option.)
maru SRS side airbags with head protection function
An SRS side airbag system with head protection function is available for the driver's seat and the front passenger seat. (It is an option for all models except the ES sedan.) The airbag inflates to protect the side of the upper body and head, preventing severe injury from contact with the side window or B pillar during a side collision. In addition, the side air bag is placed on the door side of the seat back surface, so it is always in the best position for passenger safety regardless of seat position.
maru Seatbelts with load limiters
Front seats feature a three-point ELR seatbelt with load limiter. (Equipped on the driver's seat for all models and on the passenger seat for models with the SRS airbag system.) Should an excessive load be applied to the seatbelt while in use, the load limiters come into effect to loosen the belt, reducing excessive strain on the occupant's chest.
maru Rear seatbelt with child seat attachment function
The three-point seatbelt on the outside rear seats has been fitted with a child seat attachment function. This enables seatbelt slack to be eliminated, securely holding the child seat.
maru Shock-absorbent interior
The shock-absorbent interior absorbs impact should any part of a passenger's body strike the vehicle's interior. Shock-absorbent material has been placed on the instrument panel and around the front door trim. Also, a ribbed structure has been used for the rear surface of the A pillar and B pillar trim.
maru Power window with automatic reversal function
The power window on the driver's seat features an automatic reversal function. When it detects that a hand or other object has been struck during autoclose, the window is automatically lowered 200 mm.

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