Tuesday, June 9, 1998

Familia Excellent utility

Flexible seat arrangement allows users to take full advantage of the interior space provided by the Familia's efficient interior layout. Also, storage space for small items used frequently has been concentrated near the driver's seat.

Excellent Mazda Familia
Excellent Mazda Familia

(1) Flexible seat arrangement
The rear seats of the S-wagon are equipped with seat slides (160 mm on the front-wheel-drive models and 120 mm on the 4-wheel-drive models) and right-left independent reclining seats; 50/50 split folding function, double fold-over, and 50/50 split detachable seat cushions. These enable a variety of space arrangement depending on luggage volume and number of passengers. "Space-up seats" that allow the seat back to be folded forward to a horizontal position are used for the driver and front passenger seats of the S-wagon (R, R-4). Combined with the fold-over capability of the rear seats, this allows loading of objects about 2.4 m long. The seatbacks of the space-up seats are equipped with plastic panels that fold down for use as tables.

The rear seats of the sedan (LS, GS, RX) feature 60/40 split folding. Moreover, the passenge seats of the RX are also equipped with Space-up seats. Combined with the fold-over capability of the rear seats, these allow loading of objects about 2.5 m long.

(2) Plenty of luggage space
S-wagon and Sedan
The new Familia features plenty of interior luggage space for small items. The instrument panel area boasts a large glove compartment that can hold items of up to A4 size and underneath can accommodate up to seven CDs. There is also a pocket at the side of the instrument panel that can be used to store a portable phone, sunglasses, or the like, and a folding cup holder (for two cups). Also, the GS version of the sedan is equipped with a center console compartment that holds up to eight CDs. The other versions have center console trays large enough to accommodate a 1.5-liter soft drink bottle. In addition, all models feature front door pockets large enough for large-format maps or atlases. The S-wagon also has rear door pockets.The luggage area of the S-wagon is equipped with an auxiliary storage area under the floor and tie-down hooks are mounted at 4 corners on the floor.

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