Friday, September 1, 2000

E-Business Enabling Office

To strengthen its overall e-business strategy and accelerate its implementation, Mazda Motor Corporation established the 'e-Business Enabling Office' today.

E-Business Enabling Office

Mazda, which will unify and promote e-business through its new office, wants to be the e-business leader in the Japanese automotive industry. The new office will cooperate with Ford Motor Company to develop e-business on a global scale.

Mazda already has developed many e-business initiatives, including:
- 'Web-tuned@Demio', a limited edition Internet version of the Demio and an accompanying Website that provides trade-in estimates and credit checks
- An information exchange service for suppliers through the 'Mazda Supplier Network'
- 'Mazda Telemetics Center' provides information to customers using the Internet, mobile phone and car navigation system. This service, which requires no admission or annual membership fee, was the first of its kind by any Japanese automaker.

"Recent advances in information technology are remarkable," said Mazda President Mark Fields.
"E-business can go a long way toward helping us prosper in the future."

Managing Director Ryoichi Hasegawa, currently responsible for Mazda's Information Systems, will manage the new organization.

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