Wednesday, September 27, 2000

Organizational Changes

Mazda Organizational Changes
Mazda Motor Corporation announced the following organizational changes, effective October 1.

(1) R&D Organization
[Purpose] To develop cost competitive strengths at a world-wide level and develop products along with Mazda's brand strategy reflecting customers needs and wants, Mazda will reinforce effective and speedy product development in the R&D area, and maximize synergies with Ford in product development.
[Contents] The main contents of the reorganization include;
1) Establishment of a product development system based on platform,
2) Reinforcement of design & styling to match the Brand DNA,
3)Realization of an organization which focuses on key product and business strategic issues,
4)Reinforcement of a powertrain development system which quickly responds to the changes in needs from society and the competitive environment, and
5)Promotion of process re-engineering and reinforcement of management of development resources. With these changes, the R&D organization, which currently consists of 7 divisions and 24 departments, will be reorganized into 8 divisions and 41 departments.
1. R&D Technical Administration Division
In addition to the promotion of the re-engineering process by FSS, Modularization, IT system utilization and other measures, we will accelerate the implementation of a new development process using MDI.
- The R&D Business & Administration Div. will be changed to the R&D Technical Administration Div.
- The R&D Business Strategy & Standardization Office, R&D Process Development & Management Office, and R&D Quality & Customer Satisfaction Office will be reorganized. The Process Re-Engineering Dept. and Program Control & Quality Management Dept. will be newly established.

2. Product Planning & Business Strategy Division
Mazda will strengthen the advanced planning area and promote the reinforcement of innovative product planning and business strategy.
- The Product Planning Business Strategy Div. will be changed to Product Planning & Business Strategy Div. The Product Innovation Dept. and New Feature & Business Planning Dept. will be newly established.

3. Design Division
By establishing distinctive design studios in an independent division, we will promote the reinforcement of global and creative design activities.
- The Design Dept. will become an independent organization from Product Planning Div. The Design Div. will be newly established
- 5 Design Studios will be newly established in Design Div.

4. Platform & Programs Management Division
Mazda will implement product and business related program management, using platforms as the key. Platform General Managers will be newly assigned in each Platform & Program Management Office.
- The Program Manager Div. will be changed into Platform & Program Management Div. Five Platform & Program Management Offices will be newly established.
- The function of the Basic Design Dept. will be transferred from Product Planning Div. and changed to Concept/Pre-Program Platform & Program Engineering Dept.
- To support the platform development, Infrastructure Dept. will be newly established.

5. Complete Vehicle Development Division
- The Product Development Center will be changed to Complete Vehicle Development Div.

6. Powertrain Development Division
We will reinforce R&D development capability of small and medium engines programs.
- The Powertrain Development Center will be changed into Powertrain Development Div.
- The Powertrain Development Dept. will be divided into Powertrain Advance Development Dept. (newly established) and Drivetrain Development Dept. (newly established)
- The Powertrain Engineering Dept. will be divided into Engine Engineering Dept. No.1, Engine Engineering Dept. No.2. It will be renamed Powertrain System Engineering Dept.
- The Powertrain Testing & Research Dept. will be reorganized and renamed Engine Testing & Research Dept.

(2) Overseas Sales Division
In line with the job transfer of sales and production requirement planning in the North American and European markets from Europe and America Sales Dept. to Global Sales Planning Dept., we will transfer remaining interface support jobs for MNAO and MME in Europe & America Sales Dept. to the newly established divisional office "MME·MNAO Interface Support Office" and, Overseas Sales Administration Dept. At the same time, the Europe & America Sales Dept. will change its name to Carib and Central & South America Sales Dept. The Asia & Oceania Sales Dept. will change its name to Asia and Pacific Sales Dept. In addition, the Japanese name for the Middle East & Africa Sales Dept. will change.

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