Thursday, September 7, 2000

Special equipped MPV

Features, specifications and prices -Suggested Retail Prices (Sales tax not included) (Unit: 1,000 yen)

Engine Grade Tokyo/Nagoya/
Sapporo Sendai Yamaguchi Fukuoka
2WD 2.0 Liter
Urban Break 2,706 2,751 2,727 2,724 2,731
Urban Break-S 2,796 2,841 2,817 2,814 2,821
2.5 Liter
G 2,796 2,841 2,817 2,814 2,821
Sport 2,996 3,041 3,017 3,014 3,021
L 3,166 3,211 3,187 3,184 3,191
4WD 2.5 Liter
G 3,046 3,091 3,067 3,064 3,071
Sport 3,236 3,281 3,257 3,254 3,261
L 3,416 3,461 3,437 3,434 3,441

* Add 26 for a two-toned color for outer panel.
* All the models are wintry-weather enhanced. Four-wheel-drive wintry-weather models are equipped with high-capacity batteries, anti-frozen wiper motors and heat-defrosting side mirrors.

-Special equipment
STANDARD: Lift-up passenger seat (w/ armrests), footrest for lift-up seat, removable chest belts, wheelchair tie-down belt.
O P T I O N: Floor mats.

-Specifications (Base model: 2WD G)

Grade G
Drive system 2WD
Vehicle type GF-LW5W
Engine V6 2500DOHC
Displacement 2,494cc
Transmission Electronically controlled 4-speed automatic
Overall length 4,750mm
Overall width 1,830mm
Overall height 1,745mm
Interior length 2,535mm
Interior width 1,610mm
Interior height 1,220mm
Wheel base 2,840mm
Tread (Front & rear) 1,545mm
Weight 1,690kg
Capacity (occupant) 7

Mazda MPV with lift-up passenger seat
-Primary features
Rear Gate Ramp-incorporating; Lift-up opening
Wheelchair loading area
(specially-lowered floor)
Ground clearance: 320mm
Wheelchair tie-down equipment Standard tie-down
Wheelchair occupant seat Two-point tie-down belt
Suspension (rear) Strut
Spare tire Interior-installed; bolt-fixed
Maximum acceptable dimensions/
weight of wheelchair
Dimensions: Overall length: 1,100mm; overall width: 650mm; overall height: 1,200mm. Weight (including a wheelchair and its occupant): 160kg

Model GF-CP8W
Body Type Station wagon
Engine Type Water-cooled in-line 4-cylinder DOHC 16-valve
Displacement 1,839cc
Drive wheel/Transmission FF/4-speed automatic
Overall length/Overall width/Overall height 4,330mm/1,695mm/1,650mm
Curb weight 1,320kg
Capacity (occupant) 5 [w/ wheelchair]/6 [w/o wheelchair]
Minimum grand clearance 160mm
Rear gate opening grand clearance 1,274mm
Wheelchair compartment grand clearance 1,280mm
Ramp length 1,237mm
Ramp width 670mm
Ramp angle 11°
Fuel tank capacity 43 Liter

Mazda Premacy i

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