Monday, December 18, 2000

AZ-Wagon and Carol Undergo

The new Mazda AZ-Wagon and Carol go on sale today at Mazda Autozam dealerships throughout Japan. Changes to the two micro-mini cars include the adoption of the "Mazda family" look and upgraded interiors and exteriors.

Mazda AZ-Wagon
The "Mazda family" look features the Mazda brand symbol and five-point grille in front. This design enhancement emphasizes Mazda's distinctive brand personality. In addition, Mazda has improved emission performance and safety, while retaining the fuel economy and flexibility users expect from a compact car.

The main features of these two upgraded models are as follows:

1. The front portion of both cars has been made more distinctive through the adoption of the "Mazda family" look, newly designed large multi-reflector headlights, and special bumpers. The new exterior design creates a classier appearance.
2. Emission performance improvement.
- With lower HC, NOx and CO exhaust emissions, the DOHC VVT engine models of the AZ-Wagon meet government requirements with a 50% exhaust emissions reduction in 2000, earning an "excellent" rating.
- The turbo engine models of AZ-Wagon meet government requirements for reduced exhaust emissions, with a 25% exhaust emission reduction.
- Carol meets government requirements with a 50% exhaust emissions reduction in 2000, earning an "excellent" rating for low exhaust emissions (for all models except those equipped with lean-burn engines.)
3. All models are equipped with a "lightweight impact absorbing body" that meets Japanese domestic safety standards and can withstand a 64 km/hour offset frontal collision.

Mazda Carol Undergo
Monthly sales are forecast at 1,800 units for the AZ-Wagon and 800 units for the Carol.

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