Friday, December 22, 2000

YS Limited Roadster

The "YS Limited" * Roadster, which features a special interior to give a youthful, sporty feeling, goes on sale today at Mazda Anfini and selected Mazda dealerships throughout Japan.

Mazda YS Limited Roadster
Like other Mazda products, the "YS Limited" model delivers the "Lots of Fun" theme including the "fun of driving a roadster," the "fun of maneuvering a machine" and the "fun of having great and timeless styling." Roadster epitomizes Mazda's brand personality and gives a true feeling of "oneness between car and driver." Mazda has produced over 585,000 units** of the Roadster since 1989. The Roadster was recognized recently as the "world's most produced two-seater lightweight open sports car" by Guinness World Records.

"YS Limited" focuses on "casual and fun," one of the Roadster's significant characters. Based on the 1600M model, it features a black and titanium two-tone interior color scheme to convey a youthful image. Highlights include the titanium-accented center panel and door trim; and leather-wrapped Nardi steering wheel and shift knob. Driver and passenger SRS front airbags, a keyless entry system and power locks are standard equipment in all models, and four-wheel ABS with the EBD function is standard in automatic transmission models. With these appealing additions, the prices remain affordable and competitive. The company is going to produce and sell only 700 units of the "YS Limited" model in Japan.
* "YS" stands for "youthful and sports," implying young people who would like the casual feel of driving an open sport car
** As of November 30, 2000, the total production volume of Roadster reached 581,910 units.

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