Wednesday, October 15, 1997

Mazda MV-X

Mazda MV-Xs a multi-purpose vehicle which is intended for both outdoor and city use.

Mazda MV-X

It is not just a means of transportation to carry people or luggage, but proposes a new style of minivan which supports diverse life-style of customers.

Mazda MV-X blue

It incorporates a variety of unique features, including the electric sliding function to load and unload the seats.

* The body sizes are 4,610 mm in overall length, 1,890 mm in overall width and 1,725 mm in overall height. The engine displacement is 2.5-liters.
* The styling is sporty and dynamic which differentiates it from conventional minivans. The blue-keyed coloring concept was created by keeping marine sports wears and equipment in mind.
* Assuming the watery passengers enter the vehicle, the MV-X features water-resistant materials throughout, including each seat, instrument panel, door trims and the floor.
* All the seats except the driver's are captain-chair type and detachable. The second- and third-row seats feature a sliding function with long rails.
* The seats in the second and third rows can be loaded and unloaded electrically through a ramp way attached to the rear end, so that heavy luggage including a jet ski can be easily loaded and unloaded.

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