Wednesday, October 15, 1997

Mazda SW-X Wagon

Mazda SW-X is a compact space wagon of the C-segment which enables seven passengers to seat comfortably despite its Protege-size body and whose interior space can be used for a wide range of purposes. With the ample height of the interior room, the flat floor and the seat sliding function with long rails, the Mazda SW-X offers a variety of seat arrangements.

Mazda SW-X Wagon

* The body dimensions are 4,355 mm in overall length, 1,700 mm in overall width and 1,700 mm in overall height. The engine displacement is 1.8-liters.
* The styling of the SW-X features a contrast in between the tensioned-like body panels, emphasizing a sense of power, and colorful resin parts attached to each body section.
* Thanks to the torsion beam-type rear suspension, the SW-X realizes a flat yet low floor from the leg room of the driver to luggage compartment. The sufficient overall height offers ample head clearance in the interior room. The first, second and third row seats can accommodate two, three and two passengers, respectively. With a total of four long sliding rails which are placed with an equal interval and run from the first row and the third row seats, all the seats, except the driver's seat and the seat in the center of the second row, can be fixed at random positions. In addition, except the driver's seat, all the seats can be detached. With these function, the SW-X can arrange the interior space depending on the number of people and the size of luggage.

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