Wednesday, October 15, 1997

New Mazda 626 Capella Wagon

As another new vehicle to be marketed in the future, the all-new Capella Wagon will be exhibited. With the "People always come first" concept, Mazda has succeeded in developing a new-generation wagon that can offer open and comfortable driving environments for passengers. Superb space utility, made possible by flexible seat arrangement depending on the amount of luggage and the number of passengers, and long-hour driving capability with high-speeds and higher levels of safety are also achieved.

Mazda 626 Capella Wagon

* The body sizes of the new Capella Wagon are 4,665 mm in overall length and 1,695mm in overall width. The overall height is 1,510 mm (1,525 mm for the four- wheel-drive model) making its parking easier. The body is exclusive for the wagon;its wheelbase is 60 mm longer than the sedan model.
* With the upright and high seating positions, the views through the windshield and fatigue-free driving environments are enhanced, while the in-and-out operation is eased.
* A variety of seat arrangements are realized by incorporating "Space-up Seats" which features passenger seatback fold flat operation as well as the individually reclining, sliding and double-folding functions for the rear seats.
* The luggage volume can be enlarged to 537 liters (measured by VDA standard) once the rear seats are slid forward to the front most position. The rear end features a hatchback whose glass window can be opened and closed for making loading and unloading the hand-carry luggage easier.
* The new Capella Wagon is equipped with a 2.0-liter inline four-cylinder DOHC 16- valve Diluted-burn or D-burn engine. By re-circulating relatively large volume of exhaust gas into the combustion chambers, the internal friction or pumping loss in the engine can be largely reduced and the combustion temperature can be lowered; thereby achieving better fuel economy and reduced CO2 and NOx emissions. The four-wheel-drive model features a 2.0-liter higher-power engine.
* The suspension system incorporates a MacPherson strut in front and the highly acclaimed Twin Trapezoidal Link or TTL in rear. The suspension system enables the new Capella Wagon to achieve a stable and comfortable ride without being sacrificed by the number of passengers or the amount of luggage. The four-wheel-drive model adopts a self-leveling suspension which automatically senses the degree of the vehicle's squat in the rear due to load and adjusts the overall height.
* The high rigid safety body Mazda Advanced Impact Distribution and Absorption System is designed. It features ample crushable zones both in front and rear which efficiently absorb the impact energy in the events of collisions. In addition to the dual SRS (Supplemental Restraint System) airbag system, side airbags which protect the head area are featured. The seat belt in front is with a load limiter and direct clamp.

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