Wednesday, October 15, 1997

Mazda MS-X Sedan

Mazda MS-X is a multi-purpose sedan which combines a typical styling as a sedan, superb body rigidity and driving stability with versatility of the interior space usually seen on recreational vehicles (RVs).

It also features Smart Card System and Interactive Digital Communication system which support comfortable and safe driving.

* The body sizes are 4,645 mm in overall length, 1,700 mm in overall width and 1,530 mm in overall. The engine displacement is 2.0-liters. With the 2,800 mm long wheelbase, the short front and rear overhangs, and the superb product packaging such as the tall interior height, an ample interior space is realized, taking the maximum advantage as a sedan which separates luggage space and luggage compartment clearly.
* The rear window adopts a structure which wraps around the C-pillar. With a contrast between the C-pillar and the body panel, a seamless styling is achieved yet does not emphasize the overall height too much.
* The control panel is a concealed type. Once the engine is turned off, the gauge cluster in the center with a speed meter will be concealed, thereby achieving a relaxing interior space which does not present somewhat cold feelings of machinery.
* Thanks to the fuel tank placed beneath the driver's seat, a flat and wide floor space in the rear is achieved, With the rear-seat arrangements, the space in the rear seats can be used as a supplemental trunk.
* The MS-X will sensor an electric pulse relayed by the Smart Card. It automatically controls the locking and unlocking operations of the doors and adjusts the steering wheel and seat positions.
* In the events of the vehicle dangerously moving away from a driving lane or dealing with a lane change, the Interactive Digital Communication system will support the driver's action by giving a warning. The MS-X incorporates a driving display which indicates instructions of a navigation route and administrates the payment record in case of dealing with automatic toll collection systems.

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