Friday, June 9, 2000

Natural Gas-Fueled Demio features

1. Superb durability with the adoption of an exclusive heat-resistant and wear-resistant valve sheet on the intake and exhaust valve of the engine
2. Highly durable ignition plug using a platinum-alloy electrode
3. Unique device for preventing fuel leakage

Mazda Demio NGF

In 1992, Mazda established "Mazda's environmental principles" and "action guidelines". These are usually referred to as our Global Environmental Charter. Mazda has been working on reducing exhaust emissions and CO2 while increasing fuel economy, the research and development of clean-fueled vehicles, and the promotion of recycling. Mazda has introduced two natural gas-fueled models into market in the past, the Capella Cargo in 1992 and the Titan in 1994.

Mazda expects to sell 50 natural gas-fueled Demio per year at a suggested retail price of 2,801,000 yen.

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