Friday, June 30, 2000

AZ-Wagon FM/FX-TL Fun

1. AZ-Wagon FM/FX-TL Fun2 Edition (based on the FM/FX-TL models)

Mazda AZ-Wagon
- Under-spoilers at front, rear and both sides and a roof spoiler at the rear-end.
- Customized front grille whose color matches that of the outer panel, proper 4-bulb halogen headlamps and muffler cutters.
- Front and rear outer door handles in the same color as the outer panel (only for the FM Fun2 Edition).
- Metal-coated inner door handles.
- Navy-colored instrument panel garnish and meter clusters.
- Customized navy-colored fabric applied to seat surface and door trim.
- 2DIN-size stereo MD/CD/audio cassette tape player.

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