Thursday, June 1, 2000

Mazda Telematics Center

Mazda Motor Corporation will establish "Mazda Telematics Center," an information provision service to support our customers, using the Internet and car navigation system, on June 1, 2000.

With Brand Massage "Kokoro wo ugokasu shin hassou - New ideas that stir your emotions," Mazda has been striving to promote our Brand Management Strategy for a closer "emotional connection" with our customers in every aspect of contact with them, such as products, communications, sales and services. Mazda aims to continue enhancing its brand image and increasing customer satisfaction, by maximizing communication with customers through this insightful information service.

The services of "Mazda Telematics Center" are as follows:
1. The service has no admission fee or annual membership fee. This is for the first time for this type of service provided by Japanese automakers. By just obtaining membership through user registration, any customer of Mazda products, which is equipped with a "Mazda Telematics Center"-compatible navigation system, can use this service (*).
2. Approximately 10 millions of information for hotels, restaurants, shops, gas stations, parking lots, etc. can be retrieved by telephone number. Approximately 3.6 millions items can be retrieved by category.
3. The display of the car navigation system is designed for easy operation and recognition by using large display icons. As the picture data of icons are installed in local memory, it can be displayed faster than downloading from the server, saving money on telephone calls.
4. Each user can customize the home page of "Mazda Telematics Center" to select information by preference.
(*) For the access to "Mazda Telematics Center" with compatible car navigation system, optional adapter unit (combined with a hands-free system) and mobile phone (cdma-One and PHS is not acceptable for this service) are needed. The charge for the telephone call and provider fee should be paid by the customer.

The service will begin in the mid July 2000 when the navigation system, which is compatible with this service, is available as a feature in new Mazda vehicles. Through the Internet communication between car navigation and the center via mobile phone, users can receive the following services of "Driving Support":
a) Retrieval of area information about restaurants, hotels, sporting facilities, sightseeing spots, etc, and onboard drive routes setting. Reports on news, weather forecast, etc.
b) Access to a variety of information on the Web site and sending/receiving e-mail via car navigation system. Users will also have an e-mail account via "Mazda Telematics Center."
c) Preset of driving routes using a home PC.
- Users can access the "Mazda Telematics Center"web site via the Internet using a PC at home. This enables them to retrieve the area information in advance and register it to the server of the "Mazda Telematics Center." They then can make use of the information in their car by downloading it to the car navigation system.
- By purchasing "Zenrin Electronic Map Z [zi:] III," an electronic map software for PCs, to be released by Zenrin Co., Ltd. on June 2, users can retrieve and set driving routes, viewing the map on their home PC, as well as registering the information to their car navigation system via the server.

Customers, who have only purchased "Zenrin Electronic Map Z [zi:] III," can also receive partial of information service (*1) of "Mazda Telematics Center" via the Internet at home PC. By obtaining membership through user registration, the service is available for them with no admission fee or annual membership fee, from June 2.

In addition to the services mentioned above, Mazda will further communicate with customers via "Mazda Telematics Center," by developing advanced services including notification of ordinary/mandatory inspections via e-mail and remote on-board diagnosis, etc.

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