Thursday, June 1, 2000

Telematics Center services

Services Contents
News News in general
Weather forecast Detailed weather forecast for a specific region, weekly weather forecast
Area information Restaurants, parking lots, hotels & inns, sporting facilities, sightseeing spots, shops, gas stations, JAF, road stations, hospitals, Mazda dealers
Others Fortune telling, notices from Mazda Telematics Center

Major functions of Mazda Telematics Center (classified by way of access)
Car navigation With car navigation compatible
with Mazda Telematics Center
Without car
Way of access Car navigation Home PC Home PC
With Zenrin's
Electronic map
Z [zi:] III
With Zenrin's
Electronic map
Z [zi:] III
With Zenrin's
Electronic map
Z [zi:] III
Information provision Yes Yes Yes Yes(*2)
by genre Yes Yes Yes Yes
by name No Yes Yes Yes
by phone # No Yes Yes Yes
Point registration Yes Yes Yes Yes
Auto dialing Yes No No No
Preview on map Yes Yes No Yes
Drive route setting Yes Yes No Yes
Date transfer from home PC
to car navigation
Yes (Area info. & Drive route) (Area information) -
Web page customizing Yes Yes Yes Yes
Internet connection Yes Yes Yes Yes
(*1&2):Only " Area information" and "Notices from Mazda Telematics Center" are available.

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