Wednesday, October 18, 2000

Familia S-Wagon, Sedan

The new Mazda Familia S-Wagon and Sedan, featuring sportier and sharper front exterior design, enhanced handling performance and ride comfort, are now available at Mazda and Mazda Anfini and Mazda Autozam dealerships throughout Japan.

Mazda Familia S-Wagon, Sedan
Familia also offers improved safety and environment features. With all these enhancements, the new Familia embodies Mazda's brand personality, "stylish," "insightful," and "spirited." Its monthly sales target figure in Japan is 2,500 units.

Primary features of the new Familia are the following:
1. Sportier and sharper front design and four interior design options (depending on the grade)
2. Excellent handling stability and ride comfort that have been attained by a more stable body structure and revised suspension
3. ISO-FIX child seat* lock-up mechanism with a top tether as standard equipment
4. Environment-friendly model: the 1.5-liter engine S-f and LS (FF) models have earned an "excellent" rating in terms of low exhaust emissions (E-LEV)
5. Optional Mazda Telematics car navigation system** which can access the Internet and i-mode*** services
6. Enhanced center console and a new-concept audio system

The Familia has received a warm reception from customers in more than 120 countries. Since introduced to the Japanese market in 1963, the Familia has been Mazda's pillar model; its cumulative domestic production volume surpassed 10 million in 1995.
* ISO-FIX is a universal fixing method for a child seat, which meets the requirements stipulated by ISO (International Organization for Standardization).
** "i-mode" is a registered trademark of NTT DoCoMo, Inc.
- This product has no relation to NTT DoCoMo, Inc.
- To access the "i-mode" services, the user needs to contract for "Packet-data transmission" and "i-mode service," along with the mobile phone (800MHz) contract.
- To use "i-mode" services on the Mazda Telematics car navigation system, an adapter unit (combined with a hands-free system) and a car navigation-compatible "i-mode" mobile phone are required.
*** To access Mazda Telematics Center using the compatible car navigation system, the dealer-optional adapter unit (equipped with hands-free system) and digital mobile phone (neither cdma-One nor PHS is compatible with the services) are required. The charge for the telephone calls and provider fee should be paid by the customer.

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