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Titan Dash DX

Titan Dash Product Overview

Mazda Titan Dash DX 2000
Titan Dash DX, 2000 Gasoline,1.5-ton Load Capacity, Wide-low, Standard Cabin, Long Bed.

1.Cube-shaped Large cabin: Stylish exterior appearance
- Titan Dash employs a cube-shaped cabin compartment, the same as the latest Titan series. This unique cabin configuration reflects the efforts of Mazda engineers to deliver maximum cabin space within the 1.5-ton cargo-hauling capacity truck class. The cabin has the most spacious headroom in its class.
- The front portion of the stylish exterior features the distinctive Mazda brand symbol and five-point grille. The multi-reflector headlights with built-in fog lamps and large plastic bumpers enhance the truck's appearance.
- The instrument panel with a flat top offers a feeling of more space inside.

2. Comfortable cabin environment: Easy access, ample storage space and more equipment for comfortable ride and convenience
- The large side doors provide a wide opening and make ingress or egress easier. Additionally, accessories, such as large assist grips installed on the front pillars, large lattice-style side steps, and hand steps on the wheel arches are installed for the same purpose.
- The seats include flat cushions for easy access. The seat backs and cushions are made of highly elastic urethane to absorb road vibration for a comfortable ride.
- To realize an optimal position of the steering wheel, the vertical tilt and horizontal telescoping adjusters are installed. Additionally, the sliding range of the driver's seat has been extended for easy driving posture.
- The switches on the instrument panel are large and easy to use and enables the driver to keep one's eyes on the road.
- There is plenty of storage space in the cabin. In the center of the instrument panel are two cup holders and a storage compartment, wide enough to hold A4-size documents. The back of the passenger seat (except for the double-cab model) and center seat, respectively, include a tray that the driver can use when folding the seats forward. Behind the seats is another storage bin large enough to accommodate a 1.5-liter plastic bottle or a regular tissue box. On the back panel is a coat hook.
- Additional equipment includes an easy-to-use air conditioner, a driver's side footrest and an electrically controlled outer mirror on the passenger's side to enhance ride comfort.

3. Wide range of model choices: A two-wheel-drive or four-wheel-drive model and a standard or double-cab model and three types of cargo boxes
- Three types of cargo box interior are available: all wood, combination of wood (floor) and steel (gate) and all steel. The all wood cargo box is 3,120 mm long, 1,620 mm wide, and 380 mm high, available to the two-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive long-body models and the two-wheel-drive double-cab long-body model.
- The cargo box is equipped with retractable load rests including stoppers and deck steps to make access to the cargo easier. The outer surface of the gate has a neat flat appearance and easy to paint or place lettering, drawing or seals.
- The double-cab model features a roomy rear compartment. Since there is plenty of space in the rear, passengers can sit comfortably even during long trips. This rear compartment includes plenty of legroom and large assist grips and side steps to make access easier. Additionally, the rear seat cushion folds to create a 670 mm-long storage space behind the front seats. A 2.0-liter gasoline engine is available on the two-wheel-drive models and a 2.5-liter diesel engine is available on both two-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive models.
- A wide variety of drivetrain and engine combinations are available out of a gasoline engine, an LPG engine an electronically controlled four-speed automatic transmission with OD switch, etc.

4. High level of safety: Large field of view and enhanced safety equipment
- A large windshield and oversized side safety windows provide a large field of view for front and sides. All models are equipped with dual curved side mirrors for an expanded view of the rear of the vehicle.
- Windshield wipers with built-in washer nozzles are standard equipment for all models. Additionally, water-resistant side mirrors and side door windows for improved visibility on rainy days are available.
- The front doors of all models are fitted with side impact beams as standard equipment to increase body rigidity in case of collision.
- All models feature impact-absorbing steering and shift columns to lessen physical impact on the driver's chest and abdomen in the event of frontal collision.
- A driver-side SRS* airbag system is standard equipment for the two-wheel-drive standard cabin Custom models and is optional for the Deluxe model. A passenger-side SRS airbag system is available as an option on the Custom model.
* SRS: Supplemental Restraint System

5. Reliable driving performance: variety of engines and excellent handling stability
- The powerful 2.0-liter gasoline engine (FE-E) shows excellent responsiveness in the normal driving rpm and the 2.5-liter diesel engine (WL) offers both power and economy, and the eco-friendly LPG engine (FE-C) is available.
Displacement 2.0-liter/gasoline 2.5-liter/diesel 2.0-liter/LPG
Max. Output [kW (PS)/r.p.m.] 74(100)/5,000 65(88)/4,000 59(80)/5,000
Max. Torque [Nm (kg-m)/r.p.m.] 155(15.8)/2,500 169(17.2)/1,700 147(15.0)/2,500

- Front wishbone suspension and rear leaf-spring suspension provide excellent handling stability and ride comfort.
- A minimum turning ratio of 4.6 meters shows its excellent maneuverability in traffic and parking lots.(Two-wheel-drive standard body model)
- The four-wheel-drive model employs a changeable driving system between two-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive for driving versatility.

Manufacturer's suggested retail prices (not including sales tax)
(Unit: thousand yen)
Cabin Drive Engine Bed Load
Type Trans-
Osaka Nagoya Sapporo Sendai Yama-
Standard 2WD 2000
Standard 1.35-ton Single-
5MT 1,498 1,508 1,503 1,573 1,524 1,513 1,538
Long 1.5-ton Wide-low 5MT 1,638 1,648 1,643 1,713 1,664 1,653 1,678
Long 1.5-ton Wide-low 4EC-AT 1,753 1,763 1,758 1,828 1,779 1,768 1,793
Long 1.5-ton Wide-low 5MT 1,907 1,917 1,912 1,982 1,933 1,922 1,947
Long 1.35-ton Wide-low 5MT 1,721 1,731 1,726 1,814 1,765 1,736 1,761
Long 1.5-ton Wide-low 5MT 1,794 1,804 1,799 1,887 1,838 1,809 1,834
4WD 2500
Long 1.5-ton Wide-low 5MT 2,148 2,158 2,153 2,218 2,169 2,163 2,188
Double 2WD 2000
Standard 1.0-ton wide-low 5MT 1,736 1,746 1,741 1,811 1,762 1,751 1,776
Long 1.25-ton Wide-low 5MT 1,976 1,986 1,981 2,069 2,020 1,991 2,016
4WD 2500
Long 1.15-ton Wide-low 5MT 2,360 2,370 2,365 2,430 2,381 2,375 2,400

*Note: The wintry-weather-equipped two-wheel-drive models are 5,000 yen more expensive for the gasoline engine and 23,000 yen more expensive for the diesel engine.
All units sold in Sapporo and Sendai are wintry-weather-equipped.
All four-wheel-drive models are wintry-weather-equipped.

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