Friday, October 27, 2000

New micromini Laputa S, XG

Mazda Motor Corporation has begun selling the new micromini "Laputa," vehicle, which features design enhancements both in the interior and exterior, such as the redesigned front headlamps and new seat cloth options, at Mazda Autozam dealerships throughout Japan.

Mazda Laputa S, XG
As a compact car, the Laputa is perfect for day-to-day use. It is easy to park and to maneuver in traffic, convenient in town and reliable in the countryside, and provides a smooth and comfortable ride.

In order to represent Mazda's brand personality, all models of the new Laputa boast a new front exterior design, Mazda's distinctive family appearance which includes the brand symbol and a five-point grille. With a new five-door body configuration, the S and SF models feature aerodynamic exterior parts to enhance the sporty and dashing image, while the XG and XE models deliver a cheerful and intimate image. Additionally, the two-wheel-drive XE model features a new all-aluminum DOHC VVT engine with excellent fuel economy.

The monthly sales target in Japan is 500 units.

Primary features of the New Laputa
Changes to all models
- Mazda's distinctive family appearance, the brand symbol and a five-point grille
- Redesigned large multi-reflector headlamps

Cheerful, intimate XG and XE
- Newly designed front bumper that matches the new grille
- Air scoop on the hood available on the turbo-engine models (except for the two-wheel-drive XE model)
- 14-inch tires (165/70R14) and fully-covered wheel caps (the two-wheel-drive XE model is equipped with13-inch tires and fully-covered wheel caps)
- Quality and chic interior color patterns combined with the blue color of the large speed meter
- Passenger-side under-seat tray, CD player, and electrically retractable side mirrors, which match the outer panel color, with remote control (XG model)
- All-aluminum DOHC VVT engine with excellent fuel economy (two-wheel-drive XE model). The fuel economy rate is 22.5 km/liter in the 10·15 mode for the five-speed manual transmission model
- Outer panel colors including Silky Silver Metallic, Bluish Black Pearl and Misty Green Metallic (new)

Sporty, dashing S and SF
- Custom-lowered suspension which results in a minimum ground clearance of 15 mm, lower than the XG and XE models, to give a sporty look
- New designed bumper to add a sporty air to the front exterior
- Multi-reflector halogen fog lamps
- Front, rear, and side under-spoilers and a roof-end spoiler with a built-in brake lamp
- 15-inch tires (165/60R15) and customized aluminum wheels
- Black-based interior color patterns combined with the silver color of the sporty instrument panel meters
- Dark tinted glasses for the rear side door windows, rear quarter windows and back door window and a genuine leather-wrapped steering wheel (S model)
- Outer panel colors including Pearl White, Silky Silver Metallic, Bluish Black Pearl and Cool Beige Metallic (new)
Manufacturer's suggested retail prices (not including sales tax) (Unit: 1,000 yen)
of doors
Drive system Engine Model Transmission Nationwide price
4AT 973
SOHC Turbo XG 5MT 993
4AT 1,068
SF 4AT 1,198
DOHC Turbo S 4AT 1,278
4WD SOHC Turbo XE 4AT 1,110
XG 5MT 1,100
4AT 1,175
SF 4AT 1,305
DOHC Turbo S 4AT 1,385

- Add 20,000 yen for the Pearl White outer panel color.
- All models are wintry-weather equipped.

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