Wednesday, October 25, 2000

Titan Dash compact Truck

Mazda Motor Corporation has started selling the Titan Dash, a 1.5-ton compact truck* at all Mazda and selected Mazda Anfini dealerships throughout Japan.

Mazda Titan Dash compact Truck
The Titan Dash boasts a spacious and comfortable cabin, the same cabin as the one-class higher Titan model. This large cabin provides easy access and excellent usability. With the 1.0- to 1.5-ton cargo-hauling capacity and a high level of safety, Titan Dash offers customers "superior functionality."

Primary features of Titan Dash are:
1. Cube-shaped large cabin: Stylish exterior appearance
2. Comfortable cabin environment: Easy access, ample storage space and more equipment for comfortable ride and convenience
3. Wide range of model choices: Available as a two-wheel-drive or four-wheel-drive model, a standard or double-cab model and three types of cargo boxes
4. High level of safety: Large field of view and enhanced safety equipment
5. Reliable driving performance: Variety of engines and excellent handling stability

The monthly sales target in Japan is 500 units.

Originally, the Titan series was highly acclaimed for "excellent basic functionality" and "toughness (stable body structure and large cargo capacity)." The latest Titan model, released in June of this year, provides even better value for customers, becoming "your best business partner." The release of the Titan Dash gives the entire series more depth and emphasizes Mazda's commitment to the commercial vehicle market .

* Titan Dash falls in the class with 1.0-1.5 cargo-hauling capacity.

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