Wednesday, October 18, 2000

New Familia S-Wagon Sport20

New Familia S-Wagon Sport20
1.Sportier and sharper front design and four interior design options
Familiar offers sportier and sharper look consistent with Mazda's "contrast in harmony" design theme.
- An emphasized five-point grill and larger brand symbol deliver a more distinctive Mazda family appearance.
- The front of the S-Wagon and Sedan employ a sporty bumper with a three-dimensional appearance and newly designed multi-reflector headlamps. The new front fenders and hood also convey a sportier look.
- S-Wagon Sport 20 employs multi-reflector headlamps in which four types of lamps are incorporated and large aerodynamic bumper and a sporty grill for a spirited appearance.
- Four interior design options are available:
"Aggressive" (S-Wagon Sport 20): Titanium and black two-toned interior and a Nardi genuine leather-wrapped steering wheel
"Sporty" (S-Wagon RS and Sedan RS): Titanium center panel and white meters in the black-based interior
"Casual" (S-Wagon S-f/S-4 and Sedan JS/ES): Black and gray two-toned interior
"Elegant" (Sedan LS): Beige and brown two-toned interior
2.Driving pleasure: oneness between car and driver
With improvements to the body structure, suspension and steering mechanism, the new Familia features excellent handling stability and comfortable ride: thus, increasing driving pleasure.
Other enhancements:
- Using a strengthened center pillar filled with resin foam plastic, the new Familia boasts a more stable body structure without increasing its overall weight.
- By reinforcing the front and rear connected parts of the suspension and revising stabilizers and dampers, the Familia gains improved steering response and corner-handling stability, as well as composed and confident ride.
- The steering wheel becomes lighter to rotate by 10% in the new Familia than in the previous model. By reducing friction on the gears of the power-assisted steering and enhancing stability in the connected areas of the steering shaft, the driver can gain accurate and crisp handling response during sport driving.
- Revised seat configurations to enhance vibration-absorption and improve ride comfort.
- Added disc brakes and enlarged master cylinders in rear to enhance the braking performance of the S-Wagon RS with the S-Package model and the Sedan RS model.
- S-Wagon RS and Sedan RS employ the sporty 1500 DOHC engine with the Sequential Valve Timing (S-VT) mechanism, which optimizes intake valve timings for sporty performance, and the "Activematic" automatic transmission with the manual shifting mode that provides fun to drive with a sport attitude.
3.Improved safety
Active Safety
- Along with the existing four-wheel-ABS and EBD (Electronic Brake force Distribution) system, Mazda engineers added a brake assist mechanism to all Familia models as standard equipment. This mechanism increases the braking force even with lightly pressing on the brake pedal and supplements it when the brakes are applied suddenly.
- Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) helps maintain handling stability if the vehicle starts to skid to the side during cornering on slippery roads. DSC is available to the S-Wagon Sport 20 (FF) model as optional equipment.
Passive Safety
- The lock-up mechanism for an ISO-FIX child seat is standard equipment for all models. This reduces risks of injury caused by incorrect installation. Also standard for all models is a top tether to fix the upper part of the seat to prevent the child seat from tumbling forward in the event of collision.
- For the first time, the ISO-FIX top-tether-built-in child seat that incorporates an L-shape pivot link mechanism will be available as an dealer option in Janurary 2001. This new type of seat prevents the head of the child from moving forward excessively in the event of front collision.
- In addition to the existing load limiter, a pretensioner mechanism is incorporated in the seatbelt.
4.Environmentally-friendly features
- The 1500 DOHC engine for the S-Wagon S-f model and the Sedan LS model has earned an "excellent" in terms of low exhaust emissions (Authorized by the Ministry of Transport: E-LEV/50% reduction level of 2000 emission control), reducing the exhaust emissions of HC, Nox and CO.
- Anticorrosive steel plates, which met the requirements of the applicable 2003 European regulations, are adopted.
* The automobile acquisition tax will be deducted under the preferred tax system for low-pollution vehicles.
5.Car navigation system compatible to "Mazda Telematics"
- A CD-ROM car navigation system, available as an option, enables users to access the "Mazda Telematics" services through the Internet and i-mode. A VICS-FM multiplexer and DGPS are standard equipment.
6.Improved usability and amenity for equipment
- A new-concept audio system is easily upgradeable.
- A new console includes two cup holders with lids.
- A fully automatic air conditioner system with aldehyde air filters is standard equipment for certain models: otherwise, optional.
- Fully-reclinable seats are available to the FF S-Wagon model.

Manufacturer's suggested retail prices(not including sales tax).
S-Wagon (Unit: thousands yen)
Drive Grade Engine Transmission Tokyo/Nagoya/
Sapporo Sendai/
FF S-f 1500 DOHC 5MT 1,373 1,423 1,393
4EC-AT 1,448 1,498 1,468
RS 1500 DOHC
5MT 1,473 1,523 1,493
Activematic 1,558 1,608 1,578
Sport20 2000 DOHC Activematic 1,978 2,028 1,998
4WD S-4 1500 DOHC 5MT 1,603 1,653 1,623
4EC-AT 1,678 1,728 1,698
Sport20 2000 DOHC 5MT 2,103 2,153 2,123
4EC-AT 2,178 2,228 2,198
Drive Grade Engine Transmission Tokyo/Nagoya/
Sapporo Sendai/
FF ES 1300 SOHC 5MT 1,013 1,063 1,033 1,023
4EC-AT 1,088 1,138 1,108 1,098
JS 5MT 1,223 1,273 1,243 1,233
4EC-AT 1,298 1,348 1,318 1,308
LS 1500 DOHC 5MT 1,323 1,373 1,343 1,333
4EC-AT 1,398 1,448 1,418 1,408
RS 1500 DOHC
Activematic 1,598 1,648 1,618 1,608
4WD LS 1500 DOHC 5MT 1,593 1,643 1,613 1,603
4EC-AT 1,668 1,718 1,688 1,678

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